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Commercial Cleaning Melton

Melton has come a long way from being a small town. Now a thriving hub home to thousands of people, it continues to see businesses pop in its suburbs of Melton South, Melton West, Brookfield, Kurunjang and Toolern Vale. It’s also home to a fair number of primary and secondary schools, shopping centres and body corporate managed areas. Whether you run a shop in a centre, manage a school or oversee an office building, you’ll need to have a cleaning crew on hand with the capacity to meet your business’s needs, no matter how big or small your operations are. Ankars Commercial Cleaning offers this, and as we operate in Melton, we can assist you.


Cleaning office services isn’t as simple as it seems. For starters, you can’t use standard cleaning products and cleaning equipment, as most over the counter products and brooms, mops and brushes have been designed for residential use. This means that your business has two options – to invest thousands in the right tools (and hire the right people to use them) or get a commercial cleaning crew to do it all for you, bringing all the equipment with them and taking it away afterwards.

It just makes sense to hire a commercial cleaning crew for all your major cleaning needs and Ankars Commercial Cleaning more than fits the bill. Our services are fast and affordable, and you can even rely on us for last minute emergency messes too big for your day to day cleaning crew to handle. A visit from us means you can look forward to a squeaky-clean space afterwards and we’ll even provide you with cleaning products that you can use for maintenance between our visits.


Ankars Commercial Cleaning cleans offices in addition to hospitals, clinics, schools, educational centres, retail shops, day care centres and community clubs and social clubs. We’re equipped to undertake any large-scale cleaning request and complete it quickly and efficiently.

As every situation and need is unique, we encourage you to request a quote from us today. We won’t charge you for it, and you’re under no obligation to accept it, but we think that once you’ve seen our rates you’ll be booking a cleaning crew right away!

Our commercial cleaning services include:

● Office Cleaning
● School Cleaning
● Hospital Cleaning
● Club Cleaning
● Child Care Centre Cleaning
● Shop Cleaning
● Health Care Centres

Areas that we service

Ankars provides commercial cleaning services throughout Melbourne, CBD, and the metropolitan suburbs. We are available seven days a week, including weekends. We can provide services day or night, both during and after business hours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote for any commercial cleaning service you need for your Richmond business.

We employ only well trained, experienced cleaners

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Pamela Lee, Service Stream Ltd