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Commercial Cleaning Coburg

If you’re seeking quality commercial cleaning in Coburg, look no further than Ankars.


You can find the suburb of Coburg 8 kilometres north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Home to the Coburg Lions Australian rules football club and the landmark HM Prison Petridge, Coburg is an up and coming neighborhood.

What kind of commercial cleaning do we do in Coburg?

Perhaps yours is one of the bustling businesses located on the Victorian Street pedestrian mall. If you are a Coburg business owner in the market for a professional cleaning service consider Ankars Commercial Cleaning.

Our experienced cleaners use the best methods to ensure that your office, shop, club or school is kept clean and tidy for a good price.

Coburg is one of our favourite areas. As it has grown so much in recent years and with that the need for cleaning of commercial premises has risen. We have been servicing Coburg for close to 35 years now. Its proximity to the airport and freeways has seen a lot of businesses set up their offices in the area. Some of our present clients in Coburg are accountants, garages, kindergartens and child care centres. It is a very diverse area and has become very popular with young couples and this has meant there is a rise in child care centres and kindergartens. We also service coffee shops and restaurants in the area.

Cleaning plays a very important role in every business. The first thing a new customer sees upon entry to the premises is the entrance doors and reception area. If this is not clean prospective customers/clients will not have a good impression. From the time we get that first enquiry we endeavour to find out your requirements. Our Manager then visits your premises. E will then suggest different cleaning options for you or he will quote on your specifications. Within a few days or overnight if required a quote will be emailed to you. Coburg has become one of our busiest areas and we endeavour to keep it that way.

Why choose Ankars?

We specialise in providing a wide variety of cleaning services, primarily focusing on office cleaning, commercial cleaning and corporate cleaning.

Our business philosophy is to provide a very high standard of customer service. Our clientele includes Corporate Offices, Body Corporate public areas, Schools, and Banks.

We are also a one-stop solution all your washroom paper products and cleaning products.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

Office Cleaning
● School Cleaning
● Hospital Cleaning
● Club Cleaning
● Child Care Centre Cleaning
● Shop Cleaning
● Health Care Centres

Areas that we service

Ankars provides commercial cleaning services throughout Melbourne, CBD, and the metropolitan suburbs. We are available seven days a week, including weekends. We can provide services day or night, both during and after business hours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote for any commercial cleaning service you need for your Richmond business.

We employ only well trained, experienced cleaners

As our corporate office cleaning contractor we could not be more happy with Ankars Cleaning Service. They not only clean our premises but supply all our cleaning products, office food and drinks, at...
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