Hidden Reasons Your Office Won’t Stay Clean

Your workplace is a second home to many employees, and it’s where they’ll spend a large part of their day. Understandably, it can create a messy and dirty environment. If you’re hiring a daily cleaning crew but can’t seem to keep your offices clean, a few hidden culprits may be to blame. Take note of…

26. February 2019| by Angela Kirwan

The Benefits of Hiring a School Cleaning Company

Educational institutions are important establishments in society. Not only are they a place for learning and having fun but they’re also a place for children to socialise, make friends and develop their emotional intelligence. For this reason, it’s the responsibility of management to ensure that the school supports their children in every way possible. A…

11. February 2019| by Angela Kirwan

5 Cleaning Items Every North Melbourne Office Needs

A commercial cleaning service is a perfect solution for keeping any size office space in North Melbourne clean and inviting. However, any building where people are spending a large part of their day is bound to experience messes that need to be dealt with immediately by a day to day cleaning crew. To make sure…

22. January 2019| by Angela Kirwan

Best Practices For Commercial Cleaning In Your Sunshine Office

When you’re tasked with cleaning a large building in Melbourne’s Sunshine that is filled with many employees, it isn’t a simple undertaking as the job is more complex and has more rules than a standard household To get the job done correctly and easily there are some tried and tested best practices you can follow….

8. January 2019| by Angela Kirwan

5 Tips To Complement The Commercial Cleaning At Your Oakleigh Office For 2019

The year is almost over and this last stretch, together with the scorching sun, can make the office feel like an unpleasant place to be. Sure, your cleaning services are still doing the job, but couldn’t you do anything extra to make the space look even better as the new year approaches? The Ankars Commercial…

10. December 2018| by Angela Kirwan

5 Cleaning Hacks That Any Other Cleaning Business In Melbourne Wouldn’t Tell You

The challenge with keeping a commercial or public space clean and tidy is that it is an environment filled with constant activity. Whether it’s a school, teeming with messy, active children or an office building filled with employees eating, drinking and working, there’s always something going on. If you’ve hired a cleaning business in Melbourne,…

5. December 2018| by Angela Kirwan

Don’t Let These Commercial Property Cleaning Myths Spoil It For You

One of the main challenges with managing a commercial property is keeping it clean. The size, layout and busy day-to-day activity makes professional input necessary. There are many myths relating to commercial property cleaning services, so Ankars Commercial Cleaning Services have picked a few to debunk. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s…

26. November 2018| by Angela Kirwan

4 Perks Your Business Can Enjoy From a Commercial Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Have you considered just how much smoother your office would run with the help of a commercial cleaning service in Melbourne? Well, we have. If fact there’s such a demand for such a service that our business, Ankars Commercial Cleaning Services, has been around for over three decades! As a business owner you need to…

5. November 2018| by Angela Kirwan

Common Yet Surprising Everyday Places That Bacteria Resides

When it comes to cleanliness in communal areas such as the workplace, sanitation is important and there are the some not so obvious areas that need extra attention. High traffic areas such as walkway carpets, kitchen surfaces and bathroom toilets are all common areas that most Office Cleaners will tend to spend more time on…

8. September 2017| by Angela Kirwan

Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Home and Office

  Carpet cleaning can often be quite a laborious task to tackle when cleaning your home or office space. The process itself alone is quite time consuming, combined with the additional time required for drying makes carpet cleaning feel like an arduous chore to complete. Despite this, it is important not to ignore regularly cleaning…

24. July 2017| by Angela Kirwan
Ankars cleaning service have been our office cleaners for many years now. Their office cleaning service is very professional and we would not hesitate to recommend them to another business.
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