Common Yet Surprising Everyday Places That Bacteria Resides

When it comes to cleanliness in communal areas such as the workplace, sanitation is important and there are the some not so obvious areas that need extra attention. High traffic areas such as walkway carpets, kitchen surfaces and bathroom toilets are all common areas that most cleaners will tend to spend more time on in order to evict all bacteria and to prevent the spread of germs. However, amongst these popular areas are smaller, everyday areas and objects in a workplace that require the same attention as they tend to unexpectedly harbour the most bacteria. It is important to recognises these areas as if left neglected, they could ultimately lead to an increased risk of spreading sickness throughout the office and infecting the staff members.


Light switches

Light switches are quite often forgotten about as a common harborer of germs. Multiple people come into contact with light switches throughout the day to which their hands transfer any residue or bacterial substances from their fingertips to the switch board. Over the space of a week, these germs multiply and create an unaware area of germs that ultimately spread throughout the office with every single contact. So it is important to regularly clean your light switches, because if ignored, the bacteria can accumulate to harbour over 200 different types.


Computer keyboards

Computer keyboards are another item that tend to harbour germs due to the constant contact with various bacteria ridden hands. In fact, some recent studies have suggested that everyday keyboards hold approximately 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat does. For anyone who works regularly with a computer, a keyboard is an item that is always faced with direct contact from multiple people and hence the bacteria that those people hold. More often than not, keyboards are an item that is often forgotten and rarely cleaned properly. Over time, keyboards can accumulate a vast range of germs from sneezing, coughing and any spillages that present on the desk space. These germs are then easily transferred to our hands upon contact making them a dangerous harborer of all kinds of bacterial illness.



Telephones are under the same duress as keyboards. They are in regular contact with our hands and are in the same near space of our desk to accumulate germs from coughing and sneezing. Telephones are particularly likely to harbour bacteria due to the regular use and close proximity they are to sticky fingers, mouths and the faces of all the people who use them.


Soap dispensers

Another high contaminated area is that of soap dispensers. All hands that come into contact with the dispenser are likely to be quite dirty and filled with bacteria, and although we assume once we wash our hands after touching it we will be rid of these, the reality is that we aren’t. Soap will likely kill off the majority of the bacteria, however, if the dispenser is not thoroughly cleaned on both the inside and outside, it is likely that germs will remain on the hands. This can often make us sick as we perceive our hands to be clean when they’re not, and these bacteria can ultimately infect us.


Fridge door handles, bathroom towels, filing cabinet drawers and all other common areas hold the same issues. They are likely to harbour various bacterias if ignored. When consulting with your commercial cleaning company, it is beneficial in the long term to confirm that they give extra attention to these areas. Efficient cleaning of all these communal areas and objects will likely prevent the risk of illness throughout the workplace and reduce the likeliness of staff having to request sick days off.

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8. September 2017| by Angela Kirwan

Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Home and Office


Carpet cleaning can often be quite a laborious task to tackle when cleaning your home or office space. The process itself alone is quite time consuming, combined with the additional time required for drying makes carpet cleaning feel like an arduous chore to complete. Despite this, it is important not to ignore regularly cleaning your floor space. Unclean carpets don’t just look bad but can also be a risk to your health as they quite often harbour germs, parasites and dust that can potentially make those in the space unwell. Cleaning your carpets doesn’t have to feel like a vexatious task, in fact it can be a quicker and simpler job than you’d initially thought. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet healthy and in it’s cleanest possible condition.



Accidental spills are common and almost guaranteed to occur when kids or pets are around the area. To avoid any spillages turning into a stain, it is important to deal with it quickly and not ignore it.

  • Firstly, use an absorbent to soak up the excess liquid hanging on the surface of the carpet and be sure not to rub or scrub as this will only push the fluid deeper into the pile of the carpet.
  • Before you begin cleaning, it is often helpful to run a vacuum around the spill to pick up any dust and debris. This will prevent your carpet cleaner from getting clogged up and prepare the floor for a deeper, more effective clean.
  • If the carpet is heavily soiled, pre-treating it with a specific solution is often a good idea. This will give your carpet a deeper clean and a good start on breaking down the stains before you introduce a generic cleaner to fully cleans the affected area.

Before you complete all of this, it is important to double check you are using the appropriate solutions for you type of carpet, as different solutions will have different effects on various types of flooring.


The Cleaning Process

Once you have assured the right carpet cleaner for your floor, move the cleaner solution up and down the room in parallel lines, starting furthest away from the door and working your way back to the door. It can help to slightly overlap each line to ensure no space is missed but be careful that this doesn’t over soak certain areas.

After cleaning, follow instructions provided on your solution. This might mean giving your floor a slight rinse afterwards to remove any soapy residue remaining on the surface that can attract more dirt and dust if ignored. Afterwards leave the floor to dry, it might help to ventilate the room by opening windows and doors for a quicker natural dry.



Ankars Commercial Cleaning services have all the appropriate products and cleaning solutions required to give your floors a spotless clean look. Be sure to get in contact with us if you are seeking a commercial cleaning service for your office or work space that offers an additional professional carpet cleaning as part of the service.

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