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Office Cleaning 101

In a commercial office space, there are many aspects of the office to attend to and keep in tip-top shape. If you do not have a set schedule or to-do list, you will not be able to keep up with the maintenance ahead of you.

Therefore, it is ideal to hire professional office commercial cleaning services Brisbane which excel in their cleaning abilities and have already developed a habitual routine within office and commercial spaces. Professional cleaning services would never leave any of the following spots in your office untouched.

Desks And Cubicles 

Tackling the obvious components of the office is essential. Wiping down and disinfecting desks, shelves, computer screens, keyboards, garbage cans or any frequently touched objects are a must. Addressing each employee’s personal space to ensure a healthy environment for each worker is optimal for their productivity and the efficacy of the business.

Bathrooms And Kitchens 

Ensuring your employees (and potential customers if you own a retail shop) have access to clean and sterile utilities is a must. Happy employees mean a thriving business. If your utilities are up to a certain standard, one can expect great things from the standard of your work. A clean kitchen will also keep everyone calmer and more at ease in their environment if these services are provided.

General Areas 

Spaces like the reception area where consumers and clients gather are the first impression many people will have of your business. If people walk through your business space looking at the build-up of grim, it is unlikely they will return to use your products or services. With professional cleaners, every inch of the building is cleaned and attended to with utmost attention and intention. Passages, windows, carpets, tiles ‒ everything is cleaned with precision.

Regular cleaning should be a cog in any well-functioning business machine. Allow your employees to work in a conducive environment that is good for their health and mental health.

At Ankars Cleaning, we use tried and tested cleaning measures and know how to get the job done. Contact us to book office commercial cleaning services now or request a free quotation on the services that we can offer you and your company.

28. September 2022| by Ankars

A Few Key Things to Consider When Hiring an Office Cleaner In Melbourne

Who wants to spend valuable time going through the nitty-gritty of a commercial cleaning hire? Nobody. Who wants to hire the wrong company and flush valuable money down the sink? Nobody. It’s not always easy finding the right office cleaner in Melbourne. Many posers are vying for your attention alongside professionals. The only way to tell the difference is if you consider the most critical factors. Wondering what they are? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Ask if They Have Safety Equipment, Training & Insurance for Their Staff

Keeping a commercial space clean is a risky business. The last thing you want on your hands is a lawsuit for negligence. Hire a commercial cleaning company that covers all the safety elements, which protect their employees and yours as well.

  1. Go Through the Company’s Package Deals so That You Know What’s on Offer

Your company’s cleaning needs are unique, so there must be options for you to choose from. If not, there must at least be an option to tailor your cleaning package. This ensures that you don’t over or underpay your outsourced cleaners for their services.

  1. Pay Attention to Elements Relating to Professionalism

Uniform, etiquette, communication, and equipment are the leading indicators of professional culture in a company. Hire a commercial cleaning service that has all of these covered, and you likely won’t experience any significant hiccups while they work for you.

  1. Look for a Local Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring a company that’s nearby allows you to have direct access to the service provider. This is ideal for emergencies and meetings, as you don’t have to worry about travelling too far.

  1. Examine if the Quote Aligns with Your Budget

Last but not least, – money matters. Find a commercial cleaning service that provides everything you require, within your means. You may have to go through a few quotes, but it will be worth it.

The search for a reliable office cleaner in Melbourne doesn’t have to be draining. As long as you know what to look out for, you’re well on your way to landing the perfect contractor. Stay firm and ask all the questions you need to. At Ankars Commercial Cleaning Service, we’re more than happy to engage your queries. Call today.

20. November 2019| by Ankars
Norman and staff at Ankars Cleaning Services have been responsible for the cleaning of our West Melbourne office buildings since 1996. We have found them to be extremely reliable as well as willing...
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