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How To Take On Communal Cleaning

Ever walk through your office kitchen and cringe at the number of dirty dishes lying in the sink? Or have you ever noticed how untidy the break area is left after lunch every day? It can be frustrating and stressful for any office manager just as much as it is for the rest of the team. Not only will employees feel less motivated to perform in a chaotic space, but it can also be unhygienic and harmful to your office’s occupants. Before you urgently start procuring contact details for commercial cleaning businesses in the area, you may want to start a clean-up of policy and culture in your workplace.

Unfortunately, sometimes employees feel that they aren’t being paid to clean up after themselves or to keep their surroundings in a neat condition. They may feel that the responsibility is not theirs and should fall on others. This is a cultural issue within your office, and you need to address it as a priority, but how do you do it?

1) Start Communicating Clearly 

It’s time to gather your employees and talk to them about the cleanliness of the workplace, why they should keep communal areas clean and how their disregard affects their output and mood. You’re likely to get some pushback, so it’s important that you hear out their concerns without singling out any specific people. Rather give examples to validate the cultural shift.

2) Implement Guidelines

Based on the outcomes of your sit down with the rest of the office, you can determine problem areas and how to tackle them. It’s vital that you implement policy changes immediately so that your employees remain on board and see your willingness to work in a cleaner environment. Place clear signs around the kitchen reminding people to wash up and pack away their dishes. Allow employees a 20-minute break on a Friday afternoon to tidy up communal areas and their desk, incentivising them with going home early.

3) Stick To Your Policies 

Often policy changes only really last a few weeks and that’s because people tend to get lax about it. It’s crucial that you motivate employees every week to regularly update them on how they’re doing. It’s also advisable to immediately alert them to when these areas are falling behind, instead of waiting for it to become overwhelming.

Lastly, if you still aren’t achieving the required level of cleanliness in your kitchen and breakroom areas, it’s time to search for commercial cleaning businesses that can help you. It is possible that your team just can’t find the time to clean up those areas and you need to be reasonable with how to deal with the problem. Contact Ankars Commercial Cleaning North Melbourne, as we’re dedicated to helping you work in a healthy and stimulating environment.

21. August 2019| by Ankars

Best Practices For Commercial Cleaning In Your Sunshine Office

When you’re tasked with cleaning a large building in Melbourne’s Sunshine that is filled with many employees, it isn’t a simple undertaking as the job is more complex and has more rules than a standard household To get the job done correctly and easily there are some tried and tested best practices you can follow. Here are a few of them to get started.

Cleaning Products

Using environmentally-friendly products is vital. Your cleaning staff is expected to use these products all day, every day, so they cannot be harmful. If it has an unpleasant smell that affects the building, it could irritate the people in the building, or cause allergic reactions.


If you manage a team who are responsible for your day to day cleaning, you should cross-train them. Cross-training means that while every person has a particular duty or task that they’re in charge of, they’re also provided with training to fill-in and complete the functions of other roles. This means that nothing is left incomplete, and your team still finished the job in good time.

Don’t Spread Bacteria

It’s critical that different cloths or sponges are used in different areas. Even if you use anti-bacterial cleaning products, some germs and bacterium can still be spread. If you use the same cleaning cloth in the bathroom and the kitchen, people could get ill from this unhygienic practice.

Prevent Wastage

Wastage can become a big problem if your cleaning staff is using too much of a product during their workday. Often, a small amount is adequate to clean and disinfect effectively, so to prevent waste, pour the cleaning products into pre-measured, single-use bottles or containers.

Go Beyond

In many commercial buildings, it’s not enough to only clean the floors and bathrooms. A dirty office would not look good to a client, and things like grubby flooring and smudged windows are easily noticeable if you aren’t looking at them all day. Try to go beyond the basics by shampooing carpets, steaming curtains, washing windows and deep cleaning couches.

In some instances, cleaning is best performed after hours so that your staff work without getting in the way or feeling rushed. However, if you find that your daily cleaning requires supplementation, you can contact Ankars for a commercial cleaning service in Sunshine, Melbourne.

8. January 2019| by Angela Kirwan

5 Tips To Complement The Commercial Cleaning At Your Oakleigh Office For 2019

The year is almost over and this last stretch, together with the scorching sun, can make the office feel like an unpleasant place to be. Sure, your cleaning services are still doing the job, but couldn’t you do anything extra to make the space look even better as the new year approaches? The Ankars Commercial Services team has plenty of ideas. Use these awesome tips to up the ante on the commercial cleaning your Oakleigh property is already benefiting from.

#1: A Deep Clean On All Your Floors Is A Great Place To Start 

Start by arranging a deep cleaning treatment for your floors. It doesn’t matter whether you have tiles, wood or carpets – as long as the right equipment and tools are used for a lasting clean and sheen, the office will be on the right track towards looking brand new.

#2: Spring (Or Summer) Clean The Break Room

The designated room for eating and social time is a clutter hotspot. From getting rid of decades-old ageing condiments in the cupboards to cleaning up long lost breadcrumbs under the microwave, there’s a lot you can do in this space. Consider replacing older, large appliances with smaller, smart devices.

#3: Make Sure The Windows Are Squeaky Clean

Window stains may seem insignificant at first glance. However, a clean office with dirty windows looks dirty. You could just hire a company, like Ankars, that does commercial cleaning in Oakleigh to do the dirty work for you if your team can’t get to it without help.

#4: Bring A Touch Of Nature Into Space

Out with the old (probably dead) plants and in with the new. Look for bright-coloured local plants that aren’t complicated to maintain. They’ll give the office a happy, tropical feel and bring in some fresh air. A small water feature could take this kind of floral instalment to the next level. Don’t be shy to try new things as long as it’s something you can manage.

#5: Consider Getting New Artwork From An Auction

It’s easier to notice stains and marks on empty walls, and it’s also more stressful to look at. An original art piece or two could uplift the entire space and add to the company’s list of assets.

Need some help with commercial cleaning in North Melbourne and Oakleigh? Request a free quote or call us on 1800 700 778.

10. December 2018| by Angela Kirwan
As our corporate office cleaning contractor we could not be more happy with Ankars Cleaning Service. They not only clean our premises but supply all our cleaning products, office food and drinks, at...
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