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5 Things a Professional Cleaning Business in Melbourne Wants You to Know

Being a commercial cleaner is, er … interesting. We get to meet thousands of people who become part of our daily lives. The thing about working with people is, you realise very quickly how different we all are. As a result, it’s easy to fall into misunderstandings, especially if communication isn’t transparent. Sometimes we stay mum on essential conversations to avoid rocking the boat. However, in the spirit of honest communication, we’ve decided to share a few things that every cleaning business in Melbourne wishes you knew.

1 – Soaking Your Dirty Dishes in Clean Water Makes Us More Effective

Few things are more disappointing than going home with a stained or scratched lunch container. A simple soak can make it easier for the office cleaner to wash yours properly without damaging it in any way.

2 – Don’t Have Your Teatime Treats at Your Desk

Got a hankering for tea and biscuits? Go ahead and enjoy them, but not at your desk! Spilt crumbs bring pests, such as ants and cockroaches, and we’re sure you don’t want them hanging around your work station.

3 – Courtesy Goes Both Ways (and Make the Environment Pleasant)

Let’s get this out of the way: we don’t bite (surprise!). It’s okay to say hi, especially if we’re going to work in the same space every day. If you’re dissatisfied with something, you’re more than welcome to communicate your concern calmly and kindly. We’re always ready to listen and improve.

4 – The Less Clutter There is, The Better

Please, please, please don’t keep a pile of old files or magazines in a random corner. Chances are, we’re just as clueless about where to store them as you are. If you don’t have an immediate use for your clutter, we can help you to introduce a recycling programme, which serves the environment better anyways.

5 – Please Ask First Before You Walk Across a Freshly Mopped Floor

Did somebody say “pet peeve”? Realistically speaking, we know that there’s bound to be foot traffic in a commercial environment. Just ask first. This can avert painful falls and muddy floors.

It’s straightforward. Commercial cleaning teams are there to provide exceptional service and support where you need it. The key to getting the most out of this kind of partnership is creating a culture of open communication and reciprocal respect. Looking for an expert cleaning business in Melbourne? Contact us today.

24. December 2019| by Ankars
Ankars cleaning have been providing our commercial cleaning service for many years, they are very trustworthy and have the keys to our building. They have proved themselves to be extremely reliable,...
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