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Avoid These 5 Office Cleaning Mistakes by Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Your office premises is a space that you have invested in. Your furniture, carpets and equipment are expensive items which need to be cared for properly in order to last. Even more importantly, your office is a space that must always be presentable. Both employees and clients should feel welcome in a space that is clean, with everything in good working order. Look out for these five common office cleaning mistakes.

Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1) Using incorrect cleaning products

We find that cleaning solutions are either used in incorrect quantities, or the wrong product is applied to a certain type of material. Scrubbing to remove stains or applying unsuitable chemicals could cause damage to upholstery or office carpets. Professional cleaners are trained in the correct usage and application of cleaning products.

2) Cleaning only visible surfaces or “spot cleaning”

In order to save time, you might just dust and tidy visible surfaces in your office. Dirt and germs can collect in unseen places under furniture and in corners, eventually becoming problematic. Solve this problem by hiring a professional cleaning service – they will thoroughly clean every crevice, ridding your office of potential illness and odour.

3) Disrupting productivity

Cleaning around office staff at all hours of the day is inconvenient, not to mention noisy. Cleaners should be able to move around freely and clean efficiently without disrupting people and their productivity. Our professional office and commercial cleaning service works at suitable hours.

4) Bad maintenance of cleaning equipment

Incorrect maintenance and cleaning of equipment such as vacuum cleaners can result in inefficient performance. Such machines should be emptied and cleaned after each use and need to have the right filters fitted correctly. Having to replace such items could become costly.

5) Damage to equipment

Computer and television screens should be cleaned with soft cloths such as microfibre. Using abrasive materials, or dirty cleaning cloths, could cause damage to monitors. Not using the correct cloth, or not having enough clean cloths, could mean that you’re actually just spreading dust around.

Hiring a professional office cleaning service means that you have a team of specialists to look after your office cleaning needs. Our service is convenient, our cleaners are well trained, and we’ve been consistently rated as a top cleaning service in Melbourne.

With nearly three decades of industry experience – we know the do’s and don’ts inside out and top to bottom. The quality of our work is always at the best possible standard. Trust us to keep your office pristine while you and your staff get down to business.


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