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Determining How Clean Your Building Is

As a building manager, you’re aware that asking employees to clean up after themselves isn’t enough. Etiquette focuses more on maintaining a professional environment, rather than ensuring that the workplace is deep cleaned in the first place. However, it’s hard to justify why tackling cobwebs, disinfecting handrails and wiping down light fixtures fall into your employees’ job responsibilities. Determining how commercial building cleaning is important. It will help you to pick the right company specialising in commercial cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, as well as to decide what cleaning service they should prioritise?

First Impressions Count

What are the visible features of your building? What will your suppliers and clients first see on entering your premises? The windows, front doors, and reception areas are important focal points that need more than just a quick tidy up. Windows need to be cleaned frequently to avoid looking dusty, and your front doors should be wiped down to avoid scuff/residue marks and potential fingerprint marks. Even dirty furniture and carpets in your reception area are unfavourable sights and need attention to avoid giving visitors the wrong impression.

Creating A Clean Culture

Instilling a clean culture in your building can take time, but encouraging employees to take responsibility for their space can have several benefits. Clean culture should extend beyond just using efficient filing and storage system to avoid cluttering of any kind around the office. Packing away unused machinery and equipment for storage is helpful. Having a clear system in place for recycling waste and waste disposal will also help.

Unsanitary Bathrooms

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and sickness. It’s essential that these areas are kept to the utmost hygiene conditions to protect your employees and visitors. After all, these are common areas with high of foot traffic and use. Door handles, mirrors and taps should be disinfected every week in addition to the actual toilet and floors

Just because you swiped your finger across a random surface and found no visible dust, doesn’t mean your building is as clean as you think it is. Speaking to professionals in commercial cleaning on the Sunshine Coast can help you determine what needs cleaning.

22. July 2019| by Angela Kirwan
Norman and staff at Ankars Cleaning Services have been responsible for the cleaning of our West Melbourne office buildings since 1996. We have found them to be extremely reliable as well as willing...
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