25. November 2022| by Ankars

Keeping Office Cleaning Simple In Melbourne

Office cleaning can be made simpler by the choices made at the time of the interior design. While aesthetics are important, finding a balance between long-term practicality, costs and beauty are very important. With more hi-tech fabric available nowadays, your choices are getting easier ‒ if you know what to look for.

Here are our top tips for choosing fabrics that will make your office cleaning in Melbourne so much easier!

Easy Peasy Upholstery Cleansing

If you have an “occasional” chair that is more for display and less for function (because it is an antique or filling an alcove), then you can put virtually any fabric on it.

Furniture that gets a lot of derrieres in seats will need durable, easy-to-clean fabric. If you choose a low-durability fabric, then you should budget for reupholstering annually or maximum every second year.

The “easy peasy” that we recommend you aim for comes with synthetic microfibre fabrics like faux suede. Cotton, silks and linens can be coated with a stain-resistant layer, but they’re not easy to clean and the layer is stain-resistant, not stain-proof.

A blend of polyester with either of the above three yards will make it more practical and stain-resistant but still not ideal for a high-traffic office.

Best Upholstery For Use By Kids

If your business involves children as your clients, of which there are plenty of businesses, then sensitive or textured fabrics are a no-no. The yarns in these fabrics can pull on clothing, decorative studs, shoe buckles and toys and will stain in a blink of an eye. A durable fabric with an easy maintenance regime will be essential.

Microfibre fabrics are great for resisting stains and can have spills sorted out quickly with a damp cloth. Faux leather is a good option too, as spills can be easily wiped, and a good quality faux leather will not show up superficial scratches due to a thicker top colour layer. Real leather can also be used, and a six-monthly application of leather conditioner will enhance its longevity.

Vinyl is always a winner in the practicality stakes and there are some really beautiful options available nowadays. Pricing ranges from affordable to costly, depending on the surface treatments done on the vinyl. For example, carefully printed, pressed and embossed faux alligator vinyl will be much more expensive than a flat grey.

Office Furniture Upholstery Fabric

The trick with office furniture is to leave your emotions at home. While you might want to support a local fabric designer who is screen printing fabulous rolls of beauty, if you are a pediatrician or a student music teacher, choose easy-to-clean and functional.

Leather, faux suedes and other microfibres, vinyl, breathable polyester or nylon mesh in cotton or linen-look are your top options for office furniture.

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