29. November 2022| by Ankars

Cubicle Office Cleaning The Correct Way

Cubicles revolutionised workspace design when it was launched last century. More private than a completely open plan and a considerable cost and environmental saving (with less demolition and landfill loads), it brings many benefits.

With its arrival, the best commercial cleaners immediately initiated cubicle cleaning training for their teams as there are different needs. Painted walls are easier to clean than cubicles and are usually touched far less than cubicle surfaces. The long-term, diverse savings, however, far outweigh these factors.

Cubicle panels usually have a metal framework with a layer of board, foam and fabric. This structure makes them excellent sound absorbers, which adds to the team member’s privacy. It also stabilises temperatures in each cubicle.

How Commercial Cleaning Benefits Your Asset

This specialist structure is best cleaned by trained commercial cleaners Melbourne regularly, plus a twice-yearly deep clean.

This will remove dust, dirt particles, bacteria and fungi, thereby reducing allergic reactions, yarn damage, sick building syndrome and absenteeism. In addition, it will keep your office space looking fresh, clean and professional. Research has shown that this directly correlates with productivity, so the wins keep racking up!

The Initial Cleaning Step

The initial cleaning step recommended for cubicle screening panel walls is to vacuum them with an upholstery brush attachment. This will extract the majority of the dust, dirt particles and some organic matter. This should be done at least weekly to maintain a healthy environment.

The fabric doesn’t usually stain, but if a stain does appear, it might be treatable with commercial cleaners’ solvent-based products prior to vacuuming. Always check the fabric care instructions.

Washing Cubicle Panels

If you are taking on the deep cleaning task yourself, take note of the fabric care instructions first.  If it is allowed by the fabric care guidelines, mix a 65 ml mild laundry detergent with a litre of warm water. Dip a soft-bristled brush into the suds, avoiding the water, and lightly agitate the fabric surface.

Start cleaning from the top of the cubicle wall panels working the area in a pattern of small circles. Work systematically in horizontal lines and wipe each cleaned area with clean, damp towels.

The panel must be allowed to dry 100% before reconnecting it to other panels or wet spots will accumulate at the ends. Nothing should be attached to the surface while still damp. If you have multiple panels, it can be very time-consuming; therefore, it is more efficient to contract the best commercial cleaners available.

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