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How Our Corporate Cleaning Services Aid The Corporate Environment

We understand the face-paced standard of the corporate world and the professionalism each company has to maintain in order to be successful. With our corporate cleaning services in Melbourne, not only do we offer tailored high-value services, but we ensure that we can fit your schedule.

We have over 30 years of experience in corporate body cleaning and have successfully dealt with multiple companies and corporate body managers.

Why Corporate Cleaning Services Need To Take Special Care And Have Efficiency

These services require that the job gets done correctly the first time around. We believe there is no room for error and know just how valuable time is.

Benefits of Corporate Cleaning:

  • First-time satisfaction
  • Convenient
  • Healthier & safer work environment
  • Great first impression
  • Flexible to schedule

Forms Of Corporate Cleaning That We Offer

We tailor your cleaning needs into your schedule. We offer short-notice scheduling to ensure your space is always taken care of. After-hours cleaning is also available to those who run on tax time.

A Breakdown Of The Processes We Offer

  • Vacuuming, steaming, and/or dry cleaning carpets
  • Cleaning tiles and hard flooring
  • Window cleaning
  • Waste disposal and rubbish removal
  • Supply & restocking of consumables (hand towels, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Lighting checks and bulb replacement
  • Steam or dry cleaning of upholstery
  • Garden maintenance

Our Expertise

  • Experience: We believe in setting a high standard to achieve quality work. With our decades of experience, we are confident in our abilities to provide only the best.
  • Security: One of our top priorities is security. The relationship between businesses, managers and our cleaning staff requires trust and high ethics. We value this factor and ensure safety through all our contracts and jobs.
  • Ancillary Cleaning: This type of cleaning requires specific skills and can be highly beneficial to a corporate company looking to transform an office and gain a more presentable, professional environment. It includes steaming, stripping, cleaning upholstery, resealing floors, window cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  • Communication & Oversight: We employ a Cleaning Supervisor for every job, which ensures that quality is maintained throughout the job. Every job is frequently audited and quality inspected. With a direct line of communication, all queries can be handled with ease.

We take extra care to bring you only the best, most professional corporate cleaning services for your company. To get a free quotation, contact us directly!

13. October 2022| by Ankars

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Corporate Cleaning Services

When it comes to having offices that you can be proud of and that you can trust to be clean and up to the highest professional standards, then corporate cleaning services are your number one resource. In fact, having the right corporate cleaning team can really make a world of difference in your corporate culture and business efficiency.

So, how do you best position your relationship with your cleaning team? Whether you already engage corporate cleaning services or are still looking, our team at Ankars Cleaning has summarised some of the best ways to ensure that you get the best results from your cleaning company partner.

Clear And Open Communication

When the service partner you choose knows exactly what you expect from them, they can perform better and deliver up to and beyond your expectations. In a similar way, when you have clear lines of communication, you will be notified promptly of any adjustments from the cleaning company’s side that might affect and improve your experience. Even small details such as the cleaning products or supplies used and how satisfied you are with them can make an impact on a better relationship and overall service delivery.

Bust The Clutter!

An uncluttered office is easier to clean efficiently ‒ plus it presents a more professional aesthetic. For temporary clutter, such as open files or piles of papers, the best practice is to simply put them away or remove them from the area to be cleaned before your service providers arrive. They will waste less time moving these items themselves, and you will have the surety that sensitive items are undisturbed.

Do Your Own Assessment And Priority List

If you want your cleaning company to focus on specific areas such as high traffic zones, then taking the time to let them know where you would like them to spend more time is a vital yet often overlooked step in your service.

Book Your Services For The Right Time

This one really is as simple as it gets: book your cleaning service for a quieter time in your office space so that they can move around as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption.

Engage With Us For The Best Corporate Cleaning Services

Now that you know exactly how to make the most of your service, why not get in touch with us to discuss how we could help you? You can reach out to us by giving us a call on 1800 700 778, or simply use our convenient online portal. Let us know how our corporate cleaning team can make your day.

28. July 2022| by Ankars
Norman and staff at Ankars Cleaning Services have been responsible for the cleaning of our West Melbourne office buildings since 1996. We have found them to be extremely reliable as well as willing...
Jennette McGregor, Silman Group Office Manager