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Basic Office Commercial Cleaning Practices You Need To Know About!

With over 34 years in the cleaning industry, Ankars Commercial Cleaning Services has seen the cleanliest and dirtiest office spaces around. We’ve seen deep cleans and we’ve seen cobwebs in corners and dust layered as thick as butter. There are different levels of cleaning and what we’ve noticed is that some business owners think they’re doing enough when there is dirt still evident in their offices. While business owners have skills in making money, some lack the skills in commercial cleaning. But that’s understandable. Now let us help you understand the basics of commercial cleaning you’ve been missing.

Clean Vents

Good ventilation is essential for any workplace. Ventilation can be in the form of windows, doors or through ventilation systems. Proper ventilation is vital for good indoor air quality, it provides your space with fresh air and helps with clean air circulation. Good ventilation also helps remove particulates, pollutants and allergens in the air. All these factors assist with increasing daily productivity and the health of your employees so you need to ensure those vents are cleaned and cleaned properly.

Housekeeping in The Workplace

Effective and efficient housekeeping helps keep office spaces neat and orderly. Good housekeeping practices ensures an organised, neat and safe work space. You can’t expect employees to function in an untidy disorganised environment. A clean space is a safe space therefore it becomes the responsibility of all employees to keep their work area clutter-free and clean, with commercial cleaning crews taking control of the kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Regular inspections are essential to make sure all surfaces are cleaned, trash is thrown out, storage bins are emptied regularly and old or broken items are thrown away.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Floors and carpets in a workplace environment need to be kept clean at all times. With much foot traffic and employees walking in and out of the office constantly, dust and dirt build up fast. Daily vacuuming, sweeping and mopping is essential to keeping those insect-attracting spills at bay and prevents accidents caused by wet floors, sticky floors or slippery ones.  Make sure to deep clean your office carpets once a year to remove stains and dirt marks and get them looking like new.

Hire The Big Guns For The Big Jobs

While basic, these cleaning jobs are big and cannot be done efficiently, timeously and properly by one person. They require the skills, tools and cleaning products of the pros so the only option is to hire an affordable, reliable commercial cleaning crew! For more information on office commercial cleaning and the basics of good cleaning for businesses, visit our website! Or give us a call!

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