Blog: Ceilings Need Cleaning

Four Signs Your Ceilings Need Cleaning

Cleaning a dirty ceiling isn’t an easy task, which is why noticing the gradual discolouration over time can cause you to put off the job until it starts to look very bad.  Clean ceilings are not only better to look at, but also help retain the good health of your office workers. Normal porous ceilings can harbour all sorts of germs and other bugs. In this blog, we take a look at four ways to tell that your office ceilings are in need of a good, professional scrub.

Smoke Damage

Many years ago, people could smoke in their offices. Some still do, and this causes dirt, nicotine and other impurities to collect on your ceiling, creating a yellow tinge. Fire damage is another reason the get your ceilings cleaned pronto. Hopefully, you won’t have had to deal with this devastation, but if even a little fire has ever broken out in your offices, then you most likely have ash on your ceiling. Ash builds up in layers forming a sticky substrate that catches bacteria and germs. Best get that cleaned asap!

A Lot Of Employees

Many people in one space mean lots of activity and lots of mess. No matter how clean people like to think they are, they leave behind traces of themselves everywhere. The bigger your workforce, the more often you’ll need to get your ceilings cleaned. Your aircon system will move all the human debris around the office, sticking it to everything and spreading it everywhere.

Water Stains

So many ceilings have water stains that we don’t even notice them anymore. The truth is that water stains can be a sign of more ominous issues. Water often means mould, and mould means health issues. You’ll most definitely need a corporate cleaning company to help you with this one!

No Go Areas

Some office areas have sneaky little air ducts or gaps between the ceiling and the roof. These need as much attention as your visible areas, more so because you never see them. Mould and other issued can form in these and fester for years, without you being any wiser.

Thankfully for all the above, Ankars Commercial Cleaning Services can assist.



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