12. July 2019| by Angela Kirwan

Three of The Filthiest Areas in Your Office

Maintaining a clean and healthy office environment in winter is already a demanding task, which is why trying to keep illness at bay can be extra arduous. Between increasing your disinfection stations, hiring professional cleaning services in Melbourne and asking employees to take extra caution this flu season, you may have overlooked some of the filthiest areas in your office. Here are three of them.

Handles Are Dirty Hotspots

Addressing your main door handles may seem like it should be your first task, but have you thought about the other handles around your office? Surfaces can be a viral playground for infections, and these can include appliances in your kitchen like your microwave, kettle and refrigerator doors. Bathroom door handles, file organiser cupboards and even vending machines are just as filthy. Although you can implement a hand sanitizer policy at work, this won’t curb infecting handle spots in your office because of how frequently used they are. Professional cleaners can identify any other hotspots and regularly disinfect these areas.

Grimy Electronics

It’s easy to forget to clean our everyday electronics, and the biggest culprit is often our mobile phones. Encourage your team to wipe down their mobile phones frequently as this makes direct contact with their face. However, what about keyboards, telephones and photocopy machines? Chances are no one in your office gives these electronics a second thought when it comes to frequent use, even though they could be filthiest area in your office. Using frequent cleaning services in Melbourne can sanitise these areas and keep your office hygienic.

Messy Elevators and Handrails

How often do touch a handrail on your way to the next floor? Once you start looking at how clean your environment is, you’ll swiftly realise that there are many dirty areas there are that people are unaware of. Another example is jumping into an elevator, where most people instinctively hit the button of the floor they need to go to without thinking about how many other people have already touched the keypad.

To maintain hygiene in all areas of your office, you need to hire reputable cleaning services in Melbourne for peace-of-mind. Ankars Commercial Cleaning Services can assist you in stopping the spread of bacteria throughout your office, paying attention to these areas and give your employees a healthy environment to work in.

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