16. December 2019| by Ankars

Dismissed! 4 Popular Myths About Commercial Cleaning in Port Melbourne

How many times have you rolled your eyes at the suggestion that you may need to outsource your office cleaning needs? What made you sceptical about the idea? Perhaps you already have a company that does your cleaning, but you’re unhappy with their work. Or you tried it once, and you weren’t convinced. Many business managers and owners have been misled and misinformed about what precisely commercial cleaning in Port Melbourne entails. This means there are more dirty office spaces than there should be. In this blog, we clear the air on things untrue (and perhaps half-true) about hiring a cleaning company to help you out.

1: Commercial Cleaning Services are Too Expensive

Okay, we’ll start with a half-truth. The assumption that you won’t be able to afford commercial cleaning holds no water if you haven’t tested it with facts. The best way to find out what a cleaning budget looks like is to look for different quotes and compare them. This way, you know for sure if you can afford it – we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

2: If Your Company’s Small, There’s No Need to Hire Cleaners

A blatant lie. The employees that you currently have are there to do what you hired them for, not to clean. Workspaces need to be kept clean, no matter their size. Professional cleaning has health and safety benefits, so it’s definitely worth it.

3: All We Need is a Bit of Bleach to Get Rid of Germs

It’s not enough to buy bleach and use it to wash or wipe everything. Germs are different, depending on which room they’re in and where they come from. Cleaning experts have access to products and equipment that kills bacteria and protects surfaces all in one.

4: Keeping a Clean Office Does Nothing for Productivity

Studies have shown that healthy staff is a productive staff. A dust- and mould-free environment prevents respiratory issues and fatigue from taking over. This allows your employees to be present more often and get more work done.

See? There’s much value to gain from hiring the right company to take care of your commercial cleaning in Port Melbourne. What matters is that you get informed before you decide. A clean office is great for you, your employees, and your clients. Contact us to see exactly how it’s done.

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