Clean Up for the holiday season

The festive season is right around the corner with Christmas and New Year both known for being the busiest times of the year both at work and at home. To mark the end of a good year at work and to kick start the beginning of these holiday celebrations, commercial businesses and industries often celebrate with a whole staff festivity. And while this is an enjoyable and happy time away from the stresses of your job, it can almost always leave a mountain of mess, dishes and waste to be tidied up. This can be a strain for workers to clean up outside of their usual work hours when we all would much rather be relaxing at home after a long day.

Why not consider a Commercial Cleaning Service to efficiently rid your workspace of this mess and unnecessary stress.

At Ankars Commercial Cleaning, we take away the hassle of maintaining a clean environment, leaving you to spend more time focusing on the important aspects and success of your business. Ankars Commercial Cleaning offers a high quality service that covers all areas of cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning services understand the requirements and security routines of your business to ensure that quality service is not only provided but guaranteed.

For commercial cleaning, we offer many services to help tidy up the mess that so often accumulates from your work holiday festivities.

Waste removal

Although simple, waste removal is an effective service that we provide to all of our commercial cleaning clients. Simply removing collected waste is an easy way to maintain a clean, well-kept and tidy environment that is also safe for those utilising the space. With the hectic nature of the holiday season approaching, such diligence in waste removal is often neglected. With the help of commercial cleaning, waste removal and cluttered spaces can be cleared without a care, leaving your workspace tidy and ensuring a clear state of mind.

Industrial strength vacuuming

Food crumbs, confetti, party decorations and even just the general dust collected in carpet are the harder parts of mess to clean up. With our industrial strength vacuum cleaners, cleaning up the littler items found on the ground can become an easier task. With such high quality equipment, not only does our cleaning service vacuum the discharge from a party mess, but also gets further into the carpet to deeply clean out any old dust mites and grime that had accumulated over time. Our vacuum service will not only clean up the aftermath from celebrations, but will leave your carpets cleaner then before.

Quality Cleaning

At Ankars Commerical Cleaning Melbourne, we utilise only the highest quality cleaning agents to ensure your office or workspace is as clean and sanitary as it can be. These products along with our service are sure to clean any grime, spillage remains and sticky surfaces that may result from any office festivities. We give extra attention to detail, and so we make the effort to clean all surfaces within your workplace. Our cleaning agents are also eco friendly, meaning they contain less harmful toxins that so often pollute the air within office areas, posing a health risk to all staff. This allows not only for a clean work space but also for clean air and a healthy work environment for all. So if your in the need for a professional, efficient commercial cleaning business to help clean up any mess from Christmas celebrations or any office cleaning in general, give us a call at Ankars Commercial Cleaning to arrange a service for your business today.

30. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan

Why you should Outsource Your Cleaning

Commercial cleaning used to be a difficult task to manage for business and company owners. Individual cleaning staff would be employed and added to the payroll, who would deal with all the in-office tasks and cleaning. These staff members had to be trained and managed by another staff member within the business itself. Cleaning supplies would have to be purchased and equipment had to be insured, maintained and stored somewhere on the business premises. However, times have changed. Nowadays, many companies are choosing to outsource these services to alternative commercial cleaning companies to cover all their in-office cleaning needs. And it proves to be a more efficient way to ensuring a clean and well maintained office and work space.


Commercial cleaning services are very flexible. It is often the case that some businesses and companies simply require a one-off clean or the occasional service, perhaps for the case of after a work event, to supplement their normal cleaning arrangements. Alternatively, some businesses may need occasional special equipment, skills and experienced staff to assist in urgent cases where large scale mess has accumulated. Ankars Commercial Cleaning is also flexible in its service to a range of industries. Our services are offered for all corporate environments, child care centres, health care centres, schools, hospitals, clubs, shops, and regular office areas. This allows us to reach businesses and companies within a wide range of industries and offer the services that they require at a high standard. Professional commercial cleaning services can usually provide both regular and occasional cleaning services to meet these individual needs of different business requirements. This is a better way to quickly and efficiently clean your work area then placing reliance on in house staff who have little experience in the cleaning industry.


It is often found that most professional commercial cleaning services go beyond the regular duties of in-house cleaners. With a professional team such as Ankars commercial cleaning, certain duties such as window cleaning, garden maintenance, handyman services, light checks and bulb replacements, steam and dry cleaning as well as hard floor cleaning are all provided as part of the service. This is beyond the regular cleaning services such as waste removal, vacuuming and surface cleaning that is all part of general cleaning services. Our staff are well trained and have years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry that will ensure your work area is cleaned and tidied to the highest quality possible.

We also utilise only the best quality cleaning products that will get the job done without bringing any possible harms to your workplace. Such services aim to give you peace of mind to know that your work environment will be and look as clean as possible. All in all, professional commercial cleaning companies can take over the management and control of all aspects of hygiene and cleanliness from their clients, reducing the hassle and unnecessary stress involved, and allowing them to focus on the functioning of their business. Companies such as Ankars Commercial Cleaning are very professional in their work and provide consistent high-quality cleaning services, often going far beyond the services of other commercial cleaning companies, all to ensure your office area is as clean as can be.


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30. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan
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