5. December 2018| by Angela Kirwan

5 Cleaning Hacks That Any Other Cleaning Business In Melbourne Wouldn’t Tell You

The challenge with keeping a commercial or public space clean and tidy is that it is an environment filled with constant activity. Whether it’s a school, teeming with messy, active children or an office building filled with employees eating, drinking and working, there’s always something going on. If you’ve hired a cleaning business in Melbourne, but realise that you’ll need to maintain your space between appointments, we have a few hacks for you.

Cleaning Hack #1: Sticky Notes Are Great For Picking Up Small Particles

On busy work days, many people eat at their desk, causing crumbs to fall into nooks and crannies, including your keyboard. However, you can use the adhesive strip on your sticky notes to collect all the little crumbs and lint in these areas.

Cleaning Hack #2: Use Your Leftover Lunch To Clean up A Glassy Mess

Glasses and mugs are always at risk of breaking in the hustle and bustle of an office, but cleaning is easier than you think. After carefully picking and sweeping up the larger shards, dab a slice of bread on the floor to catch the tiny pieces before anyone gets pricked.

Cleaning Hack #3: Invest In Desk Organisers

Have a designated place for everything. This will ensure that each desk consistently looks neat and organised. If you have a cleaning business working for you in Melbourne, it also means the staff will be able to do a better job of cleaning the space in a shorter period.

Cleaning Hack #4: Keep Some Sanitiser On Hand For A Squeaky Clean Presentation Board

Whiteboards often get overrun with ideas and information, which makes them a nightmare to clean. If you’re a school teacher or your work requires lots of brainstorming and presentations, spray some hand sanitiser onto the board and wipe the writing off with a paper towel or cloth.

Cleaning Hack #5: Vinegar Is The Answer To (Almost) Anything

From greasy windows to utensils sticky residue, there’s nothing a bit of vinegar won’t solve. This hack works well for both the office and at home, and if you use only moderate amounts and open the windows to let air in the smell will be gone in no time.

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