Why is it important to clean during spring?

When it is wet and generally horrible outside much like the typical Melbourne weather we so often endure until we enjoy some sunshine in November, we tend to spend more time indoors. This means that our indoor environment has been more exposed to dirt and dust accumulated from our clothes, shoes and general presence. Dust can be detrimental to our health by reducing air quality and creating a greater risk for allergens to be inhaled and hence enter our body. Therefore it is important to regularly clean and organise your office space during this time of year.



With more time spent indoors, there is likely to be more dirt spread through the office and more people eating lunch and snacks inside, leaving crumbs all over the floors. So keeping the carpets clean and maintained during these periods is important.

Regular vacuuming is an easy way to ensure all the dust mites and allergens do not settle into the carpet where it can remain for months. When dust settles into the carpet, the air quality of your office space can change, and not for the better. Increased dust and grime in the area or in the floor can release more allergens into the air and can ultimately bring upon the onset of illness within staff through inhalation. This can lead to more staff members becoming sick and requesting days off which in turn decreases productivity within your business. This, however, can be easily avoided through regular vacuuming and cleaning.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to get a professional carpet cleaner to provide a more efficient clean of your floors. In most cases this can be the best method as a team of workers know what is required and will get the job done efficiently. These services can leave your carpets much cleaner and fresher than a normal vacuum will, and hence will increase the overall air quality and health of staff in your office.



Floors experience the same conditions as carpets do during the spring time. With a lot of rain and wet weather conditions, there is likely to be a lot of mud making its way into your work place and onto the floors. This is on top of all the dust that had already accumulated onto the ground of your office. The best, cost effective way of keeping your office floors clean is simply to mop with an eco friendly polish or detergent. This rids all signs of mud, grime and dust on your floors, keeping them clean and presentable. Cleaning companies have the best equipment when it comes to floors, and are sure to keep them spotless and shiny all year round.



In Spring, windows can often be neglected. Windows collect the most grime the easiest. This is because of the fact that outside conditions can hit them directly. It is important not to forget to clean the windows as they allow for sunlight to enter into your office. This not only brightens your work space but can also generate heat into your office and ultimately reduce your reliance on heating systems, therefore reducing power bills. If left ignored, windows are more prone to deterioration and are likely to degrade quickly over time if they are exposed to dirt and grime. So in order to increase the lifespan of your office windows, ensure they are cleaned regularly through out the year, but especially during spring as rain and dirt are more evident during this time.



This may seem like a lot of cleaning, but it essential for the health of all people within your office space. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning services can not only provide thorough and intensive cleaning services to all areas of your office; including carpets, floors and windows, but will also make your office look more presentable and inviting. Ankars Cleaning is a team of professional commercial cleaners who utilise eco friendly cleaning products that don’t decrease air quality to ensure your office space is not only clean but is also a safe working environment for all.


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3. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan

The Importance of a Clean Kitchen

Whether catering is your business or you simply have access to staff kitchen facilities as part of your business, it is always important to keep this area as clean as possible. Maintaining a clean kitchen environment is not only imperative as a legal requirement but also for staff safety and presentation for clients or business partners who visit your work space. Although it may seem as a minimal aspect of your business to place focus into the cleanliness of your lunch space, failure to do so could tarnish your business reputation as well as staff productivity and positivity within the workplace.


Positive Reputation

When in a popular business industry, word-of-mouth and positive recommendations, are crucial qualities for business development and perhaps one of the best ways for a businesses to grow and spread throughout all areas of large cities. People have external connections; whether that be social groups and friends or large corporal industries, individuals will always share their experiences with certain businesses to others.

It is obvious that people are more likely to be impressed by the way in which companies pride themselves on tidiness and presentation.

In the catering business, it is crucial to have clean facilities within the kitchen to prevent any case of illness spreading through the food that was prepared in such an environment. Within corporate businesses, it is also good to have a clean kitchen space in the case of any external clients or business representatives that may visit and inspect your office area. Commercial cleaning provides an impeccably tidy area that is likely to impress business people more so than a space that is covered with dirty dishes, rusted equipment, and old food. This described work space displays qualities of laziness and ignorance that could be related to and argued against the work ethic of your business to anyone who visits your office.


Health and Safety.

The health and safety of all staff members is and should be one of the most important focus points within any business. Commercial businesses are required to provide a work area that is safe for all. By ignoring the state of kitchen facilities, staff are at risk of injuring themselves or becoming ill due to the condition of the area. Liquid spillages and broken compartments can easily cause injury if unattended to. Old food that has been left in used crockery and on benches can overtime accumulate the amount of bacteria in all facilities. This then makes the use of toasters, sandwich presses, fridges and kettles unsafe for all users. If staff are oblivious to the state of the kitchen facilities, they run the risk of developing bacterial illness such as food poisoning, diarrhoea, pneumonia, skin infections and gastroenteritis. This in turn can result in complaints from staff as well as decreased production within the work place.

Health inspectors can visit more than once in any year, so maintaining impeccable standards at all times, you will be instilling good practices. By hiring cleaning office services you can further promote the tidiness and professionalism of your business.


Correct Equipment

Commercial cleaning services use only the best cleaning products known to them to ensure all areas of your work space are completely sanitary and safe to be used. It is also a good incentive to purchase similar cleaning products to keep in your kitchen space to not only encourage workers to clean up after themselves but also to ensure facilities are kept in a hygienic standard. This will help to prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep your area safe for all staff. It will also allow the area to look presentable to all clients and visitors. It is worth providing appropriate cleaning products not only to ensure food can be prepared in a clean and safe environment, but also to encourage good cleaning habits within the office space.


By committing to a cleaning service that provides thorough and intensive services to all areas of your business space ensure that the aspects of presentation and hygiene are maintained. With professional commercial cleaning services you can take comfort in knowing your kitchen area does not harbour harmful bacteria and is safe for all staff to use.

3. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan
As our corporate office cleaning contractor we could not be more happy with Ankars Cleaning Service. They not only clean our premises but supply all our cleaning products, office food and drinks, at...
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