3. April 2017| by Angela Kirwan

5 Steps to Transform Your Business for the Better

Going green is the next big thing to happen to commercial cleaning. As the world begins to place more focus on the health and well being of all humans, our environments, especially work environments are now being assessed. Going green does not only benefit our physical health but also increases the sustainability of our earths environment. Being environmentally friendly isn’t a hard task, there are many small steps and procedures that can be put into place to work towards a healthier planet.


Choose non polluting biodegradable cleaning products.

Green cleaning supplies are so often believed to have a reduced or inefficient cleaning power than that of regular chemical dense cleaning products. This is however untrue. In actual fact, there is no noticeable difference between the two in this regard. Green cleaning supplies may possibly have slight added costs, but the benefits of a reduced harmful effect on the environment and our bodies over rules any cheaper, chemical infused product.

Green cleaning agents aren’t difficult to find either. Anything you could normally purchase for commercial cleaning, you’ll be able to find as a green alternative. Suppliers of environmentally friendly products will stock a wide range of stock formulated for all your cleaning tasks, and create a healthier environment through cleaning.


Replace inefficient light globes with LEDs.

Many research founding have shown that by making the switch from the regular inefficient light globes to LEDs (light emitting diodes), up to a 78% reduction in energy use can be constituted.

The switch to LED light globes also proposes an additional economic benefit when you consider the fact that traditional incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of only 750 hours while LEDs can run at efficiency for 30,000 hours. This equates to major savings over the course of months or years and the simple act of replacing a few bulbs really is one of the easiest methods to implement.


Conduct an energy analysis for your office.

Hiring an external experienced auditor to investigate the energy efficiency throughout the office allows for weak ends to be improved and more importantly could most possibly save you and your company 30 percent on associated energy costs.

An audit will cover and secure all areas of energy use throughout the area, looking at the efficiency of lighting, heating and cooling systems, insulation, air sealing and the power consumption of equipment. Not only this, but to ensure the sustainability of your energy systems, the auditor will supply your business with a comprehensive energy management plan that simply outlines any possible problem areas as well as the available solutions.


Consider recycled paper.

Every office no matter what profession field, will have their own copier machine, printer and/or fax machine which consume extremely large amounts of paper everyday. By switching to recycled paper and content, over thousands of trees will be saved every year. There are many suppliers who produce recycled papers with various recycled percentages that make the content seem the same as regular paper, making it easier for companies to make the switch.


Transfer eco-unfriendly tasks to technology systems.

Alternatively there is the option to omit the use of paper all together. In a growing world of technologies, it is more common now that businesses transfer all their files and hardcopy documents onto the internet or in a safe guard filing on a computer system.

This not only saves the deforestation of many trees but can also significantly improve a companies operational efficiency and reduce the reliance on paper copying machines.


Going green doesn’t have to be an expensive task. There are many benefits from going green that will not only enhance the health and wellbeing of individual and the planet but will also save your business time and money.

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