3. April 2017| by Angela Kirwan

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

The products, equipment and procedures that any professional Commercial Cleaning companies instil are an important factor in the implementation of services and sustainability.

Efficient and high end equipment is used onsite at every commercial area, in order to enable all cleaning staff to have the necessary resources to achieve the desired results. Many cleaning companies, not only Ankars Commercial Cleaning Service, choose to use biodegradable cleaning products and eco friendly materials as much as possible to ensure the chemicals released into the air are allergy free and good for the health of all patrons. These products ensure the safety of all employees within the Commercial working space without compromising the efficiency of cleanliness.

Many biodegradable and eco friendly products can be purchased at local supermarket stores for you to use in your own home.

Some of the products used to perform commercial cleaning services are:


Biodegradable Cleaning Agents

General cleaning agents such as window cleaner, bench cleaners, dishwashing liquids and bathroom cleaners can contain very harsh chemicals that engender a negative contamination effect on our air quality and water drainage.

Biodegradable cleaning products have made use of more natural and eco friendly substances that do not leave toxins to pollute our air and water ways.

Some examples of these products include:


Orange Squirt.

This is a multi purpose spray and wipe for all bench cleaning needs that removes all greasy and sticky excess substances left on counters. It does this by softening and solubilising a range of oils and hardens fats. This allows the product to break through general grime and dirt accumulated in general spaces such as kitchens. It can also be used as a substitute for floor cleaners, vinyl cleaner and laundry prewash. It is safe to use on a range of surfaces and can be diluted to suit sensitive materials.


Zest cleaner.

This product is an innovative cleaning agent made specifically for all bathroom and toilet cleaning care. Although it provides a fierce effect to remove of all grime, rust and waste products from all surfaces, it gives a gentle action to ensure no harm to any bathroom areas.

Again, it can also be used as a floor cleaner when given time to soak in and fully rid the ground of all accumulated grime and muck.


Halo Fast Dry.

This liquid cleaning agent is suited for any glass and shiny surfaces including windows. The product allows such material to be cleaned efficiently without leaving any residue, smears or scratches. It makes cleaning windows much quicker and effective, leaving the surface shiny and with a pleasant deodorising scent.



Sanit is an effective sanitising cleaning agent that is a non hazardous water based disinfectant for a range of surfaces. It can be used in various areas of office cleaning and will rid all surface areas of bacteria without leaving behind a chemical smell that can infect your lungs through inhalation.


Microfibre Clothes

Micro-Fibre Cloths are the new high demand environmentally friendly products throughout the entire commercial cleaning industry. The micro fibres in the cloth have been produced at a smaller and finer size to usual clothes, making the material softer, more versatile and hard wearing. They are produced with the ability to absorb and wipe up various substances without scratching or harming the dirty surface.

Many cleaning companies like to colour code their cloths to avoid cross contamination across diverse surfaces and areas with different forms of grime and dirt.

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