3. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan

The Importance of a Clean Kitchen

Whether catering is your business or you simply have access to staff kitchen facilities as part of your business, it is always important to keep this area as clean as possible. Maintaining a clean kitchen environment is not only imperative as a legal requirement but also for staff safety and presentation for clients or business partners who visit your work space. Although it may seem as a minimal aspect of your business to place focus into the cleanliness of your lunch space, failure to do so could tarnish your business reputation as well as staff productivity and positivity within the workplace.


Positive Reputation

When in a popular business industry, word-of-mouth and positive recommendations, are crucial qualities for business development and perhaps one of the best ways for a businesses to grow and spread throughout all areas of large cities. People have external connections; whether that be social groups and friends or large corporal industries, individuals will always share their experiences with certain businesses to others.

It is obvious that people are more likely to be impressed by the way in which companies pride themselves on tidiness and presentation.

In the catering business, it is crucial to have clean facilities within the kitchen to prevent any case of illness spreading through the food that was prepared in such an environment. Within corporate businesses, it is also good to have a clean kitchen space in the case of any external clients or business representatives that may visit and inspect your office area. Commercial cleaning provides an impeccably tidy area that is likely to impress business people more so than a space that is covered with dirty dishes, rusted equipment, and old food. This described work space displays qualities of laziness and ignorance that could be related to and argued against the work ethic of your business to anyone who visits your office.


Health and Safety.

The health and safety of all staff members is and should be one of the most important focus points within any business. Commercial businesses are required to provide a work area that is safe for all. By ignoring the state of kitchen facilities, staff are at risk of injuring themselves or becoming ill due to the condition of the area. Liquid spillages and broken compartments can easily cause injury if unattended to. Old food that has been left in used crockery and on benches can overtime accumulate the amount of bacteria in all facilities. This then makes the use of toasters, sandwich presses, fridges and kettles unsafe for all users. If staff are oblivious to the state of the kitchen facilities, they run the risk of developing bacterial illness such as food poisoning, diarrhoea, pneumonia, skin infections and gastroenteritis. This in turn can result in complaints from staff as well as decreased production within the work place.

Health inspectors can visit more than once in any year, so maintaining impeccable standards at all times, you will be instilling good practices. By hiring cleaning office services you can further promote the tidiness and professionalism of your business.


Correct Equipment

Commercial cleaning services use only the best cleaning products known to them to ensure all areas of your work space are completely sanitary and safe to be used. It is also a good incentive to purchase similar cleaning products to keep in your kitchen space to not only encourage workers to clean up after themselves but also to ensure facilities are kept in a hygienic standard. This will help to prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep your area safe for all staff. It will also allow the area to look presentable to all clients and visitors. It is worth providing appropriate cleaning products not only to ensure food can be prepared in a clean and safe environment, but also to encourage good cleaning habits within the office space.


By committing to a cleaning service that provides thorough and intensive services to all areas of your business space ensure that the aspects of presentation and hygiene are maintained. With professional commercial cleaning services you can take comfort in knowing your kitchen area does not harbour harmful bacteria and is safe for all staff to use.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and dedication for a job well done. You have given above and beyond the scope of works and have been proactive and identified areas...
Pamela Lee, Service Stream Ltd