29. September 2016| by Angela Kirwan

Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

One key to improving our overall health that few people are aware of is by increasing our green cleaning habits. Green cleaning is cleaning with the use of environmentally friendly products that have less toxins and harmful chemicals than regular cleaning products.

There are many benefits for using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Many people acknowledge the importance of green cleaning and want to incorporate green products into their lives for the health benefits, but find themselves lacking the inclination to change routine. For the health of all individuals, families and work spaces, selecting and using environmentally friendly cleaning products is important, especially for providing a safe environment and keeping a healthy earth.

Indoor air levels carry many pollutants that we are so unaware of, and in many cases, the level of pollutants are higher than that of outdoor levels. This problem is encouraged through cleaning with high volume chemical substances that hang around in the area for days after cleaning. As the average human tends to spend 90% of their life indoors, this is of high concern to the health of all individuals who inhale such toxic air.

Healthier home and work area
Our homes and work areas is where we spend most of our time, so it is important to be aware of the environment in which you live and breathe every day. Green cleaning negates the amount of chemicals and toxins released into the air, generally as the product is non organic. It is also non-corrosive, meaning that these products are very unlikely to pose a risk of burns to the skin. This ultimately reduces the amount of pollutants released into the air and available to be inhaled. This in turn stops the inhalation and absorption of such substances into the body. With this, individuals are less likely to obtain chronic illnesses such as asthma which are exacerbated by such substances.

Purer Environment
Non environmentally friendly products are generally not recyclable nor biodegradable which adds to our overall landfill and waste. Switching to green products and methods of cleaning helps reduce pollution both in the air and in waterways. This therefore assists to minimise ozone depletion impact and global climate change. Environmentally friendly products are also often made from recyclable materials, making them easier to biodegrade and hence minimises waste.

Furniture life

Overtime we clean our office and office furniture, cleaning products containing harsh non eco friendly substances are deteriorating and wearing out the quality and life of our floors, countertops and furnishings. By using environmentally friendly products, the lifespan of household furniture is increased by reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals that can erode over time. This saves you both stress and money that would be associated with new furniture.

When looking for green cleaners, it is important to note that each product is nontoxic, biobased, recyclable, biodegradable and contains no volatile organic compounds. All these factors contribute to a healthier life for either your home or work space, and is sure to have a greater impact on environmental sustainability. Green cleaning, if utilised, is sure to protect your family against severe illnesses, improve your cleaning efficiency and work towards protecting our planet from non environmentally friendly products.


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