26. February 2019| by Angela Kirwan

Hidden Reasons Your Office Won’t Stay Clean

Your workplace is a second home to many employees, and it’s where they’ll spend a large part of their day. Understandably, it can create a messy and dirty environment. If you’re hiring a daily cleaning crew but can’t seem to keep your offices clean, a few hidden culprits may be to blame. Take note of these areas that often slip under the radar, and you’ll be able to take control of your office once and for all. All you’ll need to do is hire an office cleaning company to keep the space in check.

  1. Culprit Number 1 – Employees Eating And Drinking At Their Desks

One of the biggest causes of office filth is workers eating and drinking at their desks. If you have a staff room or dedicated dining facility, this is where all food and beverage consumption must take place. Prohibiting employees from drinking anything more than water and tea/coffee at their desks keeps workspaces crumb and spill free. A crumb and spill free workspace is also less likely to attract pests such as ants and cockroaches.

  1. Culprit Number 2 – Employees Coming To Work Sick

If you’re following the news, you’ll have heard about how a child with measles visited Costa Rica on holiday, reintroducing measles to the country for the first time in five years and causing an outbreak. All it takes is one sick person to spread illness, and colds and stomach flu are much easier to spread than measles. In today’s world of connectivity, there’s no need for a person to come into work if they’re ill, so make sure they stay at home and keep your office illness-free.

  1. Culprit Number 2 – Your Office Is Not Going Digital

A massive source of waste in offices is paper. How much of this is needed? These days you can email documents and have them signed online as well as share a single presentation with clients across the world and have them provide annotated feedback on each digital page. An office with less of a reliance on paper is one that’s neater and saves money.

Now that you know what could be thwarting your office cleaning efforts, you’ll know what measures to put in place to keep your workplace clean. Then call an office cleaning company today and enjoy a sparkling clean office that stays that way.

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