22. January 2019| by Angela Kirwan

5 Cleaning Items Every North Melbourne Office Needs

A commercial cleaning service is a perfect solution for keeping any size office space in North Melbourne clean and inviting. However, any building where people are spending a large part of their day is bound to experience messes that need to be dealt with immediately by a day to day cleaning crew. To make sure these don’t derail the workday, make sure you have the following five items on hand.

A Vacuum Cleaner

If you hire a commercial cleaning service, they usually come equipped with their own vacuum cleaners. However, there will always be crumbs, dust and other visible dirt that need to be removed. Vacuum cleaners are more effective than brooms, so get one just in case.

Wet Floor Sign

A wet floor sign provides a valuable service – it’s a warning to be careful. You don’t want an employee with a broken bone as this could end with a medical bill and a lawsuit. Make sure that when floors are wet, the sign is there for employees, clients and visitors.


Speaking of wet floors, a mop is also vital. When there is a significant spill a kitchen cloth won’t cut it and using paper towels is wasteful. Your cleaning service might come once or twice a week, but it’s best to deal with a mess as it happens to prevent a sticky spot that attracts even more dirt.

Multiple Surface Sprays

Germs spread quickly, especially in open-plan offices. If you want to stay hygienic, keep anti-bacterial sprays handy for when the surfaces could do with a wipe.

Cleaning Cloths

And plenty of them! Keeping cleaning cloths handy for when there are minor spills or if the kitchen counters are grimy will help maintain a clean workplace. Wash or recycle them often as bacteria grows in the fibres and folds if they’ve been used for too long. Have separate cloths for separate areas – don’t use the same cloth in the kitchen AND the bathroom.

Think ahead and stock a cupboard with a vacuum, mop, wet floor sign, anti-bacterial surface sprays and cleaning cloths. This will ensure that your office remains pleasant to work with between visits from your commercial cleaning service of choice. If you don’t have one currently, you can always contact Ankars Commercial Cleaning in North Melbourne for assistance.

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