28. February 2020| by Ankars

The Dirtiest Parts Of Most Offices Revealed By Commercial Cleaning Richmond

You know the routine. Get up in the morning, take on the traffic en route to work and then spend most of your day sitting behind a desk, working. In fact, we spend a significant amount of time at our jobs and since many people’s line of work involves being at a desk or a boardroom table, you’d hope to know that your office is clean and tidy.

Not only that, but the importance of a properly cleaned office is crucially important for your physical health and mental wellbeing too. You may wipe down your desk and computer monitor every now and then, but are you aware of all the other spaces in an office environment where dirt and dangerous bacteria tend to build up? Here are some of the top trouble areas to watch out for and hire those commercial cleaning services, Brisbane, for:

Kitchen Sink

Although probably equipped with dish soap, drying cloths and sponges, the office kitchen area and sink can actually be one of the worst places to find yourself, health wise. Even if you and your team diligently keep the sink clear of dirty plates and coffee mugs, be aware that dirt and bacteria have shown to be most prevalent on the tap handles and, ironically enough, the cleaning cloths and sponges used to clean the dishes. Unless these items are frequently washed, disinfected and kept dry, you’re basically rubbing unseen dirt and dangers onto the plates and cutlery you’re busy wiping clean or drying. The areas under sinks and inside of kitchen cupboards are also great places for dirt and mould to collect over time.

Door Handles

You’ve surely heard this mentioned hundreds if not thousands of times in your life. Door handles in commercial spaces are essentially contact points for every single person who enters or leaves any part of your office building, and with this comes the risk of cross contamination from dirt or bacteria they may be transporting. One of the big reasons seasonal colds and the flu tends to take out so many staff members during the colder months is that you share the same air for hours and pretty much all surfaces are potential transfer objects to contract illness, including door handles.

Coffee Station

We all love a good tea or coffee break to clear the mind and take a breather from focusing on work for a while. Unfortunately, because it’s so popular and frequently used, coffee stations carry about the same level of risk that the kitchen sink area does, with most prevalent danger zones being kettle handles, crockery, cups, mugs and teaspoons. As we mentioned, unless the kitchen sink area is thoroughly cleaned and kept that way, that teaspoon you’re using at the coffee station may not be quite as clean as it appears to be.

Now that you’re aware of just a few of the risks of not having a properly cleaned office, do you still feel as assured about asking your staff to keep the office clean and leaving it at that? If you’re looking for a provider of professional commercial cleaning, Richmond based or in surrounding areas, contact us – our team of cleaning specialists have over 34 years under their belt and are always happy to assist.

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