We take pride in cleaning your business

Hospital Cleaning

By Experienced cleaners with police checks

Professional hygienic cleaning

Hospital cleaning is extremely important as it promotes health and hygiene in an area that is very sensitive to the spread of germs. Wherever possible we try to place cleaners who have experience in the hospital industry. Further, we have a Manager/Supervisor employed who liaises with each cleaning contract on a regular basis to make sure cleaning is carried out according to your specifications.

Safety standards are a priority

To ensure we meet safety and hygiene standards, we provide the following:

  • A chemical register and data sheet for each chemical used on your site
  • Correctly labelled chemicals
  • Use of industrial strength vacuum cleaners that are maintained regularly

Other services we provide

We deliver cleaning products and consumables for your convenience.

Ankars cleaning have been providing our commercial cleaning service for many years, they are very trustworthy and have the keys to our building. They have proved themselves to be extremely reliable,...
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