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Body Corporate Cleaning Melbourne

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Ankars Body Corporate Cleaning Melbourne

Join the other satisfied clients who choose Ankars for their body corporate cleaning Melbourne. Cleanliness is vital to any commercial space managed by a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation. We’ve been cleaning Body Corporate properties for over 30 years and have extensive experience dealing with Body Corporate managers.

Experience and Expertise

Body Corporate and Owners Corp managers do not need the fuss of constantly managing expectations of cleaners and lot owners alike. That’s why they choose Ankars for body corporate cleaning Melbourne. Ankars offers a range of body corporate cleaning and maintenance services for buildings, common areas, apartment blocks, and more.

Communication and Oversight

Ankars will provide you an experienced Cleaning Supervisor to ensure quality is maintained. You always have a familiar contact available to speak with should you need it. Additionally, we use strict quality control measures. Our supervisors conduct frequent audits and inspections to meet your requirements for cleanliness. If there are any issues or concerns, just contact your designated Cleaning Supervisor.

Customisable Packages for Body Corporate Cleaning Melbourne

We believe in providing our clients with tailor made cleaning solutions to cater to all their body corporate cleaning and maintenance needs. We have a wide range of cleaning services which can be scheduled weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the task. Using the latest technology and industry grade equipment, we offer our packages at a competitive and reasonable price without compromising on quality.

Our body corporate cleaning Melbourne services:

  • Regular body corporate cleaning and maintenance

  • Waste disposal and rubbish removal

  • Vacuuming, steaming, and/or dry cleaning of carpets

  • Cleaning tiles and hard flooring

  • Steam or dry cleaning of upholstery

  • Cleaning windows

  • Lighting checks and bulb replacement

  • Maintenance of gardens

  • Re-stock and Supply of Consumables (toilet paper, tissue, hand towels, etc.)

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Ankars Body Corporate Cleaning Melbourne

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Other services we provide

We deliver cleaning products and consumables for your convenience.

Ankars cleaning service have been our office cleaners for many years now. Their office cleaning service is very professional and we would not hesitate to recommend them to another business.
Andrew, Tyre Factory, Footscray