13. April 2019| by Angela Kirwan

Factors You May Not Have Considered When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Contractor

When hiring a commercial cleaning contractor for your business, you’ll obviously need to consider the variety of services offered, whether the company is registered with the relevant authority bodies as well as the reputation of the company in the industry, but there are also other seldom thought of factors that can affect your choice in contractor. Identifying these factors first before selecting a cleaning contractor will make the process of hiring the best choice for your business easier. Many of these factors will depend on the size of your business premises and the nature of the business. It also might also impact the quote and service that you receive from the company in question.

  • Structure Of Business Premises

The structural layout of your place of business or workplace will impact the cleaner’s speed and influence how often cleaning and maintenance will need to be undertaken. For instance, a workplace with a minimal design is relatively easier and quicker to clean than a workspace with a more complex multi-layered layout.

Different internal office spaces will require different cleaning requirements. A conference room will need more intensive steam carpet cleaning while an office kitchen presents a different safety and hygiene challenge in terms of spills and food.

  • Workplace Density And Productivity

While your priority is to ensure the productivity of your workforce in a safe and clean environment, your cleaning contractor will want to complete their cleaning duties efficiently and promptly without causing too much disruption in your business’ day-to-day activities. Considering the ideal time to undertake cleaning – during office hours or after hours is a critical factor. The movement of employees will affect the cleaning strategy of your contractor so that productivity is not affected.

  • The Nature Of Your Business

Your business niche is also an important factor for your commercial cleaning contractor. Many businesses will only require generic cleaning solutions, but businesses in the medical, manufacturing and hospitality niches may require more specialised advanced services. Environments that need specialised chemical cleaning methods will be costlier than general cleaning services.

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