25. February 2020| by Ankars

How A Professionally Cleaned Workspace From Commercial Building Cleaning Services Boosts Staff Wellbeing

When you think about all the possible factors involved in keeping your staff happy and productive, what comes to mind? Good pay, fair hours, incentives, teambuilding events? What about a clean, clutter-free and hygienic work environment?

While most people wouldn’t rank it up there as a first priority, studies have shown that the subconscious impact work environments have can negatively or positively impact the people in them – after all, they’re spending a huge portion of their days, weeks and months there. Not only that, but the condition of work environments is a big factor in the overall physical health of staff.

The benefit of hiring professional, commercial building cleaning services extends beyond just knowing the floors are clean and desks are wiped down. A thorough and extensive cleaning of your work environment or place of business, whether it’s an office, a night club, a restaurant or a school, will positively impact anyone who spends time there in several ways.

Here are a few lesser-known factors that determine the overall wellbeing of people in any building or work environment:

Decluttered Spaces Equal Clearer Minds

Whether they’re aware of it or not, being surrounded by stacks of files in the one corner of the office, a stationery cupboard in disarray or having boxes of printing paper left on the floor until someone hopefully moves it elsewhere, all impact people’s ability to think clearly, calmly and be productive. The less sensory distraction in a room or any environment, the better.

Clean Spaces Encourage Productivity and Boost Morale

If your office has ever gone through an annual spring clean where absolutely everything is cleaned and freshened up, you’d have noticed the sudden impact it has on staff members. Having a subtle, fresh fragrance in the air, sparkling surfaces, healthy plants and clear windows immediately creates an impression of meticulous standards – and this actually encourages workers to live up to that created standard by putting more pride and effort into their work.

Improved Air Quality Reduces Illness

Being able to breathe in crisp air is invigorating and creates quite the opposite impact that you’d get when your work environment has a stale, dusty smell looming in the air. Proper commercial cleaning includes ensuring that your air conditioner filters and vents are also cleaned and cleared of dust that collects over time, which is a huge help in ensuring your staff stay healthy and don’t inhale impurities in the air.

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