28. August 2019| by Ankars

Do You Need New Office Cleaners?

As part of your responsibility as office manager, a small portion of your tasks will rely on managing external staff to help the functioning of your office go smoothly. From your plant watering service to your office cleaner service, these teams help create a workplace fit for your employees to work in. But what do you do when the jobs they’ve been hired for are done poorly or not at all?

Have you noticed the stained mirrors in the bathroom or the constantly overflowing bins? Not sure how to check if your office is really clean? This is a comprehensive list of things you should check for that will tell you that your office cleaners services aren’t doing the work they should:

1.The fridge, microwave and kitchen surfaces are grubby and sticky.

  1. Door and cupboard handles feel oily and dirty.
  2. There are layers of dust across a lot of office furniture.
  3. Glass doors and walls aren’t clear and have visible fingerprint stains.
  4. Soap and hand sanitizers aren’t being filled up.
  5. There’s a sudden increase in pests and bugs in the office.

The cleanliness of your office is dependent on more than just what you can see at eye-level and you must track the minor details often overlooked, to ensure you have a hygienic environment for all your office occupants.

In addition to your current workload, you’ll have to, unfortunately, follow up on your external cleaner’s schedule by physically checking if the tasks commissioned have been completed. It can be frustrating having to follow up, but you could be paying for a service that isn’t being delivered – and that isn’t great for business.

You need to check if there is, in fact, enough time for your cleaners to perform the tasks they’re being paid for. Monitor how long it takes them to complete certain activities and speak to your service provider about your concerns if they’re taking an excessive amount of time.

If you’re still not sure what the next step is to determine how hygienic your office is, turn towards your peers and find out how they feel about the cleanliness levels. They may have noticed the same issues and just weren’t sure how to address it with you.

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