22. December 2015| by Angela Kirwan

Saying “Hello” to Welcome Mats

Ankars Office Cleaning of Melbourne would love to come in and help you to keep your office a clean, healthy, and safe place and we are more than willing to help you achieve that goal. However, office cleanliness cannot be achieved solely through semi-regular deep cleanings, in order to be maintained, office cleanliness requires some help from you and your staff.

There are several ways to help make your office a safe environment, many of them are quite common knowledge, such as washing hands regularly, sanitising surfaces, and keeping work areas clutter free. However, one very important practice that often goes under the radar when planning a safe workplace. This would be keeping entrance mats at each and every entrance into your building.

While it may seem a little “much”, or even unnecessary to utilise this practice, there are many advantages to this practice, and using it can save you a lot of time and energy in the future. We’ve compiled a list of just a few reasons investing in entrance mats is worth your while.

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Cleaning your shoes

According to a leading industry study, more than 80% of bacteria and contaminants are brought in through the soles of people’s’ shoes. Staff, patrons, everyone who enters your building brings everywhere they’ve been with them. Unfortunately, it is not a common practice to request for your patrons or staff to remove their shoes, so making that request may be off putting and possibly drive away customers and potential employees. Utilising an entrance mat can significantly decrease the number of contaminants that make it past the threshold.

Keep out mud and dirt

While it’s virtually impossible to stop all dust and dirt from entering your building, it doesn’t hurt to try and curb how much does actually make it in. Having an entrance mat can help to encourage people to clean off their shoes before entering, and lessen the amount of dirt in your building. For all the rest that does make it in, there are services like Ankars to help you out!

Rain, rain, go away!

This is a big one. When it’s raining outside, patrons and staff alike will likely be looking for an entrance mat, as their soles, umbrellas, and clothing even, will be wet. So keeping all that mud and water off of your clean floors, and on the entrance mat is ideal.

Give your entrance a personality

Yes, your entrance mat is there primarily to keep your floors clean, your staff safe, and your environment healthy -there’s no reason it shouldn’t be fun as well! Using an entrance mat can be fun, you can theme your mats according to the season, or write a friendly message on your mats welcoming your customers and staff. Small touches such as these, can go a long way with morale and customer loyalty.

No slips!

Whether it be ice, water from the rain, dust, or any other slippery agent on your entrants’ shoes, an entrance mat can help avoid your patrons slipping and falling upon entering your building. Using an entrance mat is not only a courtesy, but also a safety concern. Having someone slip and hurt themselves on your property can not only be costly, but be detrimental as far as PR goes as well.

Minimize wear and tear on your floors

Patrons tracking in rocks, dirt, or grime unchecked can really have an adverse affect on your flooring. Using an entrance mat can decrease the amount of rocks and dirt coming in, which in turn, preserving your floors as long as possible!

Regulate incoming bacteria

Technology has come a long way; it’s even made its way into entrance mats. Yes, nowadays you can find entrance mats that actually have microbe-killing agents infused right into them. This will keep your floors visually pleasing, as well as clean on a microscopic level. Having this type of protection will also help to keep your staff and clients healthy.

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