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Speedy Cleaning Like A Professional

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Professional paid cleaners are masters of speedy, efficient cleaning. If you watch a professional cleaner at work you’ll notice that they don’t waste time, cut corners or dawdle. They know how to clean fast and clean right.

Here a few of their secrets that you can use in your own home, office, or business:


Mark Your Calendar

Professional cleaners have every job scheduled down to the minute. Further, they don’t start and stop throughout the cleaning process. Follow their lead and set a day and time to clean – and stick to it.

Dress Properly

Professional cleaners have a uniform that includes comfortable, washable clothing, supportive shoes, kneepads, goggles, gloves, and aprons. This clothing and gear is easily washable and serves to protect them from dirt, germs, and chemicals. Set aside your own version of a cleaning uniform, or at the least an apron and gloves.

Use Proper Tools

You won’t find professional cleaners using gadgets or flimsy tools for cleaning. Do yourself a favor and invest in sturdy, reliable cleaning tools for your own use. Pony up the money for a good quality mop, vacuum, cleaning agents, and towels. You’ll be glad you did.

Clear The Clutter

When you hire a professional cleaner you don’t usually expect them to pick up the small clutter that accumulates in your home or office. You want them to have access to that which they should be more thoroughly cleaning. Use this same mindset before you begin cleaning. Pick up before you start to clean. It will be a much more efficient use of your time.

Keep Your Tools Handy

Does this scenario seem familiar: You start to clean the bathroom and realise that the cleanser is in the kitchen. As you head down the stairs, you remember that the toilet brush is in the kids’ bathroom on the other side of the house. Then you have to head to the laundry room to retrieve the vacuum. And you haven’t even really begun yet.

Professional cleaners keep their tools with them or very close by at all times.This allows for much faster and effective cleaning. Take a cue from them and organise yourself before you tackle the cleaning. You can also Invest in a portable container to store your supplies for easy access.

Simplify Your Cleaning Supplies

Professional cleaners rely on simple and multi-purpose cleaners to get the job done. This cuts time and clutter. Stick to straightforward products that accomplish multiple tasks.

Stay Focused And Motivated

You won’t find the professionals pausing to watch television or check their e-mail. Amateur cleaners should try to limit distractions as they clean, as well. Turn off the television, power down the computer, and set your phone on silent.

On the other hand, it is important to stay energised and motivated while you clean. Playing upbeat music, a podcast, or even an audiobook might be helpful. You could also try cleaning with a friend or family member to split up the workload.

Make Each Movement Count

Professional cleaners only circle a room one time. In the bathroom, for instance, standing before the sink, they spray and wipe the mirror, scrub the sink, wipe down the counter, and polish the fixtures before moving on. Try to follow this example by cleaning everything in your path before moving on to the next task.
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