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Effective Ways to Keep Toys Clean in Your Childcare Centre

Nowadays, transmitting germs from one person to another is as easy as posting on social media. For childcare centres, it is a must to maintain cleanliness, especially with toys because children are quite susceptible to a lot of viruses. In this feature, we bring you some simple and helpful tips on commercial childcare centre cleaning in Melbourne to ensure your child’s health and safety.

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Why Clean and Sanitise Toys?

When it comes to children’s playthings, thorough cleaning must come first before sanitising. Scrubbing is much needed to remove deep-seated dirt and debris. As any parent may know, toddlers often put anything, even their toys, into their mouths. So these should be regularly cleaned and sanitised to prevent unwanted germs from proliferating.

Hard-Shelled Toys

Toys must be completely scrubbed and dried before disinfecting in order to kill the bacteria. After this, you are ready to sanitize them. Submerging them in a proper liquid sanitizer is very important. You can do this for 20 minutes or half an hour depending on the toy. Hard-shelled toys are easier to clean because you can just leave them in the solution and remove afterwards.

Soft or Plush Toys

Soft or plush toys should be cleaned differently because of their material. These tend to absorb liquids, so it is not advisable to submerge them in a sanitizing solution. First, and foremost, get a clean wet cloth and wipe any dirt or stain on the surface of the toy. Next, you can wash it with soap and water, and then rinse it thoroughly. Finally, have it sun or air dried completely.


For electronic toys, it is important to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions that come in the package carefully. Although they can be more complicated than other toys, cleaning them is just as important as you would any other toy. Often, a clean damp cloth is enough to clean the surface but at times, you need a brush with small or thin bristles to clean hidden dirt.

Reminders on Bleaching

Some toys may require bleaching, so the cleaning can be more tedious. It is vital that bleaching powders must be kept out of children’s reach. Also, the designated storage area should be well-ventilated as the fumes can be dangerous when inhaled. Keep them in carefully sealed containers and don’t forget to label them properly for quick and safe use.

Final Thoughts

As these tips are not exhaustive enough, you can always watch appropriate video instructions and other suggestions. The bottom line is that maintaining safety and sanitation of playthings must be done in a regular basis to ensure that our children are kept healthy and safe. It is also advisable to observe kids when they play as you will have more understanding of how they behave and how they play with their toys. And if you are comfortable and adventurous enough, you can always let that inner child come out and play with your kids! Surely, you’ll be surprised and amazed at what you may discover!

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