1. February 2016| by Angela Kirwan

Setting Ourselves Apart

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When owning and operating a business, there are many different obstacles to overcome. Managing employees, generating new revenue, and keeping up with current trends in your own business can often feel overwhelming, and is indeed, a lot to ask of anyone, but such is the life of a business owner. Being your own boss comes at a high cost, and there are constantly unforeseen circumstances and decisions to be made all on your own.


What Makes Ankars Unique

The market for commercial cleaning in Melbourne can seem saturated at times, and there may be difficulty in feeling confident about the choice you make when shopping for a business with which you will partner. However, at Ankars Commercial Cleaning, we feel that our high quality performance, diversity in service, as well as our years of experience set us apart from the others and make question of who to partner with, a very simple one to answer.
High Quality Service
Many companies in the commercial cleaning in Melbourne scene claim to have “top notch” services, and that may be true. At Ankars we want to prove that when you entrust your livelihood to us, it’s a responsibility that is taken seriously and with great honor. Our highly trained staff are prepared and knowledgeable about the business and the trade which they practice. They are equipped to tackle any challenges with professionalism, efficiency, and a smile. You can count on both a job well done, as well as a friendly partner in business.


More Than Just a Cleaning Service
Ankars is also much more than simply a cleaning service. Many companies can come in, tidy up and sanitise your building a few times a week. Not many can help you maintain that cleanliness, comfort, and most importantly, safety on a day to day basis. Ankars is capable of this, with the line of products offered to every company we serve. A diverse library of products ranging from cups and hand towels, to trash bags, cleaning products, and dispensers, to hand soaps, facial tissues and even lotions are made available to you and your business.


All of this might seem like just lip service, however we can back our services with years of experience and the testimony to match. Ankars is a family run company, so we know how difficult it is to run a business, and how stressful it may seem at times. With our cleaning services, we aim to take away from that stress and provide a sense of comfort in knowing that your facility is safe, comfortable, and ready for business. Time and time again Ankars has provided high quality, efficient, and personable services to the commercial cleaning scene in Melbourne, and we intend to continue doing so, so long as the community continues to trust us with their facilities.

Norman and staff at Ankars Cleaning Services have been responsible for the cleaning of our West Melbourne office buildings since 1996. We have found them to be extremely reliable as well as willing...
Jennette McGregor, Silman Group Office Manager