1. February 2016| by Angela Kirwan

All Cleaning is not Created Equal

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Sweeping and mopping are the same anywhere you go, right? If you’ve ever been in the cleaning business you’ve heard the argument of having an “easy” job, simply cleaning messes as if there were no other considerations for keeping a facility safe, sanitised, and clean.

As a business owner, you may fall prey to these false arguments; some commercial cleaning services around Melbourne may tell you that they’re taking all the considerations necessary to ensure a safe, sanitary, and workable environment for you, your employees, and your clients or customers, but how can you be sure?


Every Facility is Unique

Sometimes very specific considerations necessary for safely and efficiently cleaning facilities with different uses. Sweeping and mopping really isn’t the same everywhere you go. Cleaning an emergency room at a hospital is a different animal than cleaning a school cafeteria table. Below are a few of the different services needed for different types of facilities.


Child Care & School

When cleaning and sanitising an area that children and young adults will be using, there are certain considerations to take. For instance, any cleansers and sanitisers used must be utilised in somewhat less potent amounts for the sake of the children’s health. Small children and young adults cannot handle the same level of chemicals and sanitisers that an average adult is able to healthily be exposed to, for this reason our services take extra care to use any severe chemicals with caution.


HealthCare & Hospital

In the case of hospitals and health care facilities, there is the same type of consideration taken for the weakened immune systems of the patrons of these types of facilities. However, precautions must be made to be sure to rid the facility of any and all bacteria left behind. Cleaning and sanitisation agents must be used in such a way that both protects the patrons of the facility but also insures that the environment is free of germs and bacteria. This type of careful consideration is paramount for a high quality cleaning service.


Commercial & Business

Just because there aren’t weakened immune systems, typically, in an office or general commercial setting does not mean that a cleaning service should not use sanitising agents in a manner that takes the human contact levels into consideration. This factor should always be observed with care. It’s also important to be efficient and leave no trace in these types of settings. Businesses are focused on conducting their own business and should not have to be bothered with the cleaning of their facility.
At Ankars, there are a diverse group of professional specialists who are trained to provide high quality service so you don’t have to worry about anything but running your business. Let us take care of the cleaning for you.

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