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Stopping What You Cannot See

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When flu season comes around, everyone seems to remember just how important cleanliness in the workplace is. However, it is vital to realise that both sanitation and general cleanliness are an important part of any workplace or commercial area year around.

It is not enough to simply wash your hands and sweep and mop your floors, deep sanitisation is extremely important for spaces such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, malls and shopping centres, as well as other commercial facilities used for sporting events and convention centres.

These types of facilities are considered “high traffic” and involve a lot of interaction both, between people, and surrounding touchable surfaces, such as doorknobs and table tops. This high level of traffic provides a multitude of different microscopic organisms and germs from all the different people that come in and out of these facilities and utilise the touchable surfaces and spaces. Not only will the germs provide a threat there in those facilities, but can become even more dangerous when they grow legs and latch onto hosts, which potentially are all the patrons in these high traffic facilities.

ank floor good 449x300 - Stopping What You Cannot See

Sanitation and deep cleaning, beyond the measures of soap and water are absolutely a necessity for the health and safety of the public utilising your commercial facility.

Ankars commercial cleaning in Melbourne wants to keep you, your facility, and your patrons free from all kinds of germs that may be lurking in your facility. However, knowledge is power and understanding the differences between basic cleaning and the more in-depth sanitisation process, and why both are vital to a healthy and safe facility.

Below are some outlines that cover the difference between cleaning surface areas and sanitising them, high risk areas for spreading germs and potentially disease, as well as some potential consequences that may occur when the proper steps are not taken to deep clean your facilities.

The Difference:

So to start with, you may be asking the question “Why can’t I simply wash my touchable surfaces with soap and water, and mop my floors with soap and water?” Well, the answer is -you can, in fact it is extremely important to wash touchable surfaces with soap and water, however that is not the only important step in providing a healthy environment.

Sanitisation is the process of deep cleaning. While soap and water may work for improving the general visible cleanliness of an area or surface, however this type of cleaning is not able to get through to the microscopic organisms and tiny invisible germs that are hiding from you at a molecular level. The only way to get to these germs, that could potentially spread disease to your patrons, is to use chemical sanitisation after use of the area or surface. Sanitising these surfaces that are considered high traffic can greatly lower the chance of contracting disease, spreading viruses, and can help to avoid bacteria.

High Risk Areas & How to Combat Disease:

It may seem like a daunting task to have to deep clean the entirety of a commercial facility, which is why we at Ankars have created a “Must Clean” list for your facility sanitation needs.

First, touchable, high traffic surfaces, such as doorknobs are a must. Almost every patron that enters your building will likely touch a doorknob at some point, that means lots of germs transferring between lots of different people. You definitely want to be sure to sanitise these kinds of areas, as they are prone to put your patrons at risk of becoming hosts to many different types viruses and bacteria.

Toilets are also a very high risk area for germs. The floors can become a literal petri dish for bacteria and all kinds of germs that can cause disease and viruses, like the flu. So both washing the floors with soap and water, as well as sanitising them on a regular basis is extremely important in providing a healthy, clean and comfortable, environment.

Potential Consequences:

While it may seem like too much work or money to sanitise your facilities, it is worth the time and effort, as there may be some serious consequences if your facilities aren’t kept clean thoroughly. Financial losses may even be incurred, in a vast variety of sequences.

Customers don’t want to bring their business or event to a facility that could potentially cause them to fall ill. On that same note, neither do employees wish to be employed in a facility where they are constantly ill, or in danger of becoming ill because of the bacteria growing in their facility.

Ankars can help you to keep all your facilities spic and span, and germ free! So take the time to consider the importance of washing, as well as sanitising in your facilities and call Ankars commercial cleaning in Melbourne to get the job done and keep your environment healthy and safe.

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