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Why Removing Your Waste is Important

As a developing world and with an ever increasing amount of waste production, removing waste properly and efficiently is very important for all humans  and our environment for a number of reasons. Over production and collection of waste can be detrimental to our future world and well-being. Waste removal is critical for protecting the environment in which we live and also for protecting all people from the hazardous materials, toxins and pollutants that release into the world as a product of this waste. It is also critical for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all where accidents and health issues are less likely to appear and occur. This also acts to protect individual companies from penalties and consequences that result from incorrect waste disposal. There are laws set in place regarding waste removal for good reason. We do not want our world to become one of entire landfill and overwhelmed by our own trash and waste products. So it is important to understand how we may manage the removal of certain wastes in our own environment.


General Waste

All waste can present a hazard to the general public and the environment that surrounds it if it is not removed and instead left to build up and cause an obstruction to workers, traffic and generally all within the area. Waste materials including timber scraps or parts and packaging items, although seemingly not assumed a hazard can present a risk to the public as they are flammable and heavy items. General waste collected on streets also presents the risk for the public to come in contact with hazardous substances or materials that can promote health risks, and so it needs to be regularly collected and cleared away out of the public range to avoid associated dangers.


It is not a difficult task to remove such waste in an appropriate manner. General waste generated from households and commercial offices or buildings both internally and externally can be collected in a general waste removal system. Commercial cleaning companies make this easy by collecting the waste generated within workplaces and transporting it to an appropriate waste collection spot where it will be exported out of the public range.


Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is a little harder to remove whilst complying with the regulations that encompass the realm of dangerous substances. The proper disposal of chemical waste, toxic waste, pesticides, clinical waste and battery materials needs to be done so in a safe and functional manner. These types of substance waste products must be disposed of by trained operatives to ensure no danger eventuates due to poor removal execution. This can pose a hassle to many with access to such products, however, it is critical that the waste is removed properly to ensure the safety and health of those within the surrounding area.


It is worth talking to your regular commercial cleaning company about their waste removal systems to ensure the profession removal of such products in accordance with the legal regulations and procedures. Organising and implementing an effective waste removal system within your workplace can reduce the stress and hassle of this procedure and also improve the health and safety of all people and coworkers in your area.


4. May 2017| by Angela Kirwan

What are eco-labels?

Going green with your cleaning products is a great step towards a healthier environment not only for you and your family but for the Earth as well. Though changing and choosing new cleaning products that are safer for the area around us can be quite difficult. There are many different brands, labels and stamps that state different enviro-friendly messages. So how do we choose the right one, and how do we know what products are actually better for the environment?


When we discuss the matter of environmentally friendly agents, there are many different factors that make a product eco safe that should be considered. This can often range from chemical usages and content within each product, adhesive and even the way the product itself is manufactured and transported. On top of this, there are also many campaigns and foundations that give products their own separate ‘stamp of approval’ that encourage the environmentally friendliness of certain agents.


This is a brief list of the wide range of healthier labels out on the market today. There are many diverse labels and companies who have created them to help ensure people can distinguish which products are in fact eco friendly and which are not.


Below is a brief description of what each of these eco labels say about the related products and its effect on the environment.


Recycled content and recyclability

Recyclable items demonstrate that the object material is capable of being collected and separated from waste streams and reverted for reuse and conversion. In regards to cleaning products, the sense of recyclability is aimed at the packaging and casing of the agents. The packaging of most cleaning products have the opportunity to be reused within the household in many ways. However, unfortunately for many cleaning products to be recycled it can often be found impossible as many are manufactured in plastic packaging which are non recyclable.



Biodegradable means that an object is able to be broken down and is capable of being decomposed in a natural environment. This means that the physical product or casing is able to be decomposed by bacteria, living organisms and other natural means within our soils. The main point of figure towards biodegradable products is to essentially reduce our overall pollution and landfill. Pollution is a growing issue that is affecting not only our physical environments but our water systems and air ways as well. So, in order to protect the environment that surrounds us, the waste and all things in which we discard into it should be biodegradable.



When purchasing cleaning agents, it is important to consider the toxicity of the product. Many agents contents consist of harsh chemically infused substances that are toxic for our environment and personal health. The effects of a toxin can be evident in different effects of behaviour and neurophysiological. The amount of these effects depends largely on the toxicity of the specific substance and the quantity within it. For any products to obtain an eco label for reduced toxicity, it must be able to back it up with some scientific evidence and data.



Sustainability is often referred to the cohesion of three elements; social development, economic development and environmental protection. So for a product to be sustainable, it must have a balance of all these areas and also care for our environment. Products that are not sustainable cannot sustain themselves and eventually end up damaging the environment around it. This not only contributes to increasing our environmental footprint but also adds to the increasing landfill via the physical product manufacture itself.

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4. May 2017| by Angela Kirwan

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

The products, equipment and procedures that any professional Commercial Cleaning companies instil are an important factor in the implementation of services and sustainability.

Efficient and high end equipment is used onsite at every commercial area, in order to enable all cleaning staff to have the necessary resources to achieve the desired results. Many cleaning companies, not only Ankars Commercial Cleaning Service, choose to use biodegradable cleaning products and eco friendly materials as much as possible to ensure the chemicals released into the air are allergy free and good for the health of all patrons. These products ensure the safety of all employees within the Commercial working space without compromising the efficiency of cleanliness.

Many biodegradable and eco friendly products can be purchased at local supermarket stores for you to use in your own home.

Some of the products used to perform commercial cleaning services are:


Biodegradable Cleaning Agents

General cleaning agents such as window cleaner, bench cleaners, dishwashing liquids and bathroom cleaners can contain very harsh chemicals that engender a negative contamination effect on our air quality and water drainage.

Biodegradable cleaning products have made use of more natural and eco friendly substances that do not leave toxins to pollute our air and water ways.

Some examples of these products include:


Orange Squirt.

This is a multi purpose spray and wipe for all bench cleaning needs that removes all greasy and sticky excess substances left on counters. It does this by softening and solubilising a range of oils and hardens fats. This allows the product to break through general grime and dirt accumulated in general spaces such as kitchens. It can also be used as a substitute for floor cleaners, vinyl cleaner and laundry prewash. It is safe to use on a range of surfaces and can be diluted to suit sensitive materials.


Zest cleaner.

This product is an innovative cleaning agent made specifically for all bathroom and toilet cleaning care. Although it provides a fierce effect to remove of all grime, rust and waste products from all surfaces, it gives a gentle action to ensure no harm to any bathroom areas.

Again, it can also be used as a floor cleaner when given time to soak in and fully rid the ground of all accumulated grime and muck.


Halo Fast Dry.

This liquid cleaning agent is suited for any glass and shiny surfaces including windows. The product allows such material to be cleaned efficiently without leaving any residue, smears or scratches. It makes cleaning windows much quicker and effective, leaving the surface shiny and with a pleasant deodorising scent.



Sanit is an effective sanitising cleaning agent that is a non hazardous water based disinfectant for a range of surfaces. It can be used in various areas of office cleaning and will rid all surface areas of bacteria without leaving behind a chemical smell that can infect your lungs through inhalation.


Microfibre Clothes

Micro-Fibre Cloths are the new high demand environmentally friendly products throughout the entire commercial cleaning industry. The micro fibres in the cloth have been produced at a smaller and finer size to usual clothes, making the material softer, more versatile and hard wearing. They are produced with the ability to absorb and wipe up various substances without scratching or harming the dirty surface.

Many cleaning companies like to colour code their cloths to avoid cross contamination across diverse surfaces and areas with different forms of grime and dirt.

3. April 2017| by Angela Kirwan

5 Steps to Transform Your Business for the Better

Going green is the next big thing to happen to commercial cleaning. As the world begins to place more focus on the health and well being of all humans, our environments, especially work environments are now being assessed. Going green does not only benefit our physical health but also increases the sustainability of our earths environment. Being environmentally friendly isn’t a hard task, there are many small steps and procedures that can be put into place to work towards a healthier planet.


Choose non polluting biodegradable cleaning products.

Green cleaning supplies are so often believed to have a reduced or inefficient cleaning power than that of regular chemical dense cleaning products. This is however untrue. In actual fact, there is no noticeable difference between the two in this regard. Green cleaning supplies may possibly have slight added costs, but the benefits of a reduced harmful effect on the environment and our bodies over rules any cheaper, chemical infused product.

Green cleaning agents aren’t difficult to find either. Anything you could normally purchase for commercial cleaning, you’ll be able to find as a green alternative. Suppliers of environmentally friendly products will stock a wide range of stock formulated for all your cleaning tasks, and create a healthier environment through cleaning.


Replace inefficient light globes with LEDs.

Many research founding have shown that by making the switch from the regular inefficient light globes to LEDs (light emitting diodes), up to a 78% reduction in energy use can be constituted.

The switch to LED light globes also proposes an additional economic benefit when you consider the fact that traditional incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of only 750 hours while LEDs can run at efficiency for 30,000 hours. This equates to major savings over the course of months or years and the simple act of replacing a few bulbs really is one of the easiest methods to implement.


Conduct an energy analysis for your office.

Hiring an external experienced auditor to investigate the energy efficiency throughout the office allows for weak ends to be improved and more importantly could most possibly save you and your company 30 percent on associated energy costs.

An audit will cover and secure all areas of energy use throughout the area, looking at the efficiency of lighting, heating and cooling systems, insulation, air sealing and the power consumption of equipment. Not only this, but to ensure the sustainability of your energy systems, the auditor will supply your business with a comprehensive energy management plan that simply outlines any possible problem areas as well as the available solutions.


Consider recycled paper.

Every office no matter what profession field, will have their own copier machine, printer and/or fax machine which consume extremely large amounts of paper everyday. By switching to recycled paper and content, over thousands of trees will be saved every year. There are many suppliers who produce recycled papers with various recycled percentages that make the content seem the same as regular paper, making it easier for companies to make the switch.


Transfer eco-unfriendly tasks to technology systems.

Alternatively there is the option to omit the use of paper all together. In a growing world of technologies, it is more common now that businesses transfer all their files and hardcopy documents onto the internet or in a safe guard filing on a computer system.

This not only saves the deforestation of many trees but can also significantly improve a companies operational efficiency and reduce the reliance on paper copying machines.


Going green doesn’t have to be an expensive task. There are many benefits from going green that will not only enhance the health and wellbeing of individual and the planet but will also save your business time and money.

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3. April 2017| by Angela Kirwan

Clean Up for the holiday season

The festive season is right around the corner with Christmas and New Year both known for being the busiest times of the year both at work and at home. To mark the end of a good year at work and to kick start the beginning of these holiday celebrations, commercial businesses and industries often celebrate with a whole staff festivity. And while this is an enjoyable and happy time away from the stresses of your job, it can almost always leave a mountain of mess, dishes and waste to be tidied up. This can be a strain for workers to clean up outside of their usual work hours when we all would much rather be relaxing at home after a long day.

Why not consider a Commercial Cleaning Service to efficiently rid your workspace of this mess and unnecessary stress.

At Ankars Commercial Cleaning, we take away the hassle of maintaining a clean environment, leaving you to spend more time focusing on the important aspects and success of your business. Ankars Commercial Cleaning offers a high quality service that covers all areas of cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning services understand the requirements and security routines of your business to ensure that quality service is not only provided but guaranteed.

For commercial cleaning, we offer many services to help tidy up the mess that so often accumulates from your work holiday festivities.

Waste removal

Although simple, waste removal is an effective service that we provide to all of our commercial cleaning clients. Simply removing collected waste is an easy way to maintain a clean, well-kept and tidy environment that is also safe for those utilising the space. With the hectic nature of the holiday season approaching, such diligence in waste removal is often neglected. With the help of commercial cleaning, waste removal and cluttered spaces can be cleared without a care, leaving your workspace tidy and ensuring a clear state of mind.

Industrial strength vacuuming

Food crumbs, confetti, party decorations and even just the general dust collected in carpet are the harder parts of mess to clean up. With our industrial strength vacuum cleaners, cleaning up the littler items found on the ground can become an easier task. With such high quality equipment, not only does our cleaning service vacuum the discharge from a party mess, but also gets further into the carpet to deeply clean out any old dust mites and grime that had accumulated over time. Our vacuum service will not only clean up the aftermath from celebrations, but will leave your carpets cleaner then before.

Quality Cleaning

At Ankars Commerical Cleaning Melbourne, we utilise only the highest quality cleaning agents to ensure your office or workspace is as clean and sanitary as it can be. These products along with our service are sure to clean any grime, spillage remains and sticky surfaces that may result from any office festivities. We give extra attention to detail, and so we make the effort to clean all surfaces within your workplace. Our cleaning agents are also eco friendly, meaning they contain less harmful toxins that so often pollute the air within office areas, posing a health risk to all staff. This allows not only for a clean work space but also for clean air and a healthy work environment for all. So if your in the need for a professional, efficient commercial cleaning business to help clean up any mess from Christmas celebrations or any office cleaning in general, give us a call at Ankars Commercial Cleaning to arrange a service for your business today.

30. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan

Why you should Outsource Your Cleaning

Commercial cleaning used to be a difficult task to manage for business and company owners. Individual cleaning staff would be employed and added to the payroll, who would deal with all the in-office tasks and cleaning. These staff members had to be trained and managed by another staff member within the business itself. Cleaning supplies would have to be purchased and equipment had to be insured, maintained and stored somewhere on the business premises. However, times have changed. Nowadays, many companies are choosing to outsource these services to alternative commercial cleaning companies to cover all their in-office cleaning needs. And it proves to be a more efficient way to ensuring a clean and well maintained office and work space.


Commercial cleaning services are very flexible. It is often the case that some businesses and companies simply require a one-off clean or the occasional service, perhaps for the case of after a work event, to supplement their normal cleaning arrangements. Alternatively, some businesses may need occasional special equipment, skills and experienced staff to assist in urgent cases where large scale mess has accumulated. Ankars Commercial Cleaning is also flexible in its service to a range of industries. Our services are offered for all corporate environments, child care centres, health care centres, schools, hospitals, clubs, shops, and regular office areas. This allows us to reach businesses and companies within a wide range of industries and offer the services that they require at a high standard. Professional commercial cleaning services can usually provide both regular and occasional cleaning services to meet these individual needs of different business requirements. This is a better way to quickly and efficiently clean your work area then placing reliance on in house staff who have little experience in the cleaning industry.


It is often found that most professional commercial cleaning services go beyond the regular duties of in-house cleaners. With a professional team such as Ankars commercial cleaning, certain duties such as window cleaning, garden maintenance, handyman services, light checks and bulb replacements, steam and dry cleaning as well as hard floor cleaning are all provided as part of the service. This is beyond the regular cleaning services such as waste removal, vacuuming and surface cleaning that is all part of general cleaning services. Our staff are well trained and have years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry that will ensure your work area is cleaned and tidied to the highest quality possible.

We also utilise only the best quality cleaning products that will get the job done without bringing any possible harms to your workplace. Such services aim to give you peace of mind to know that your work environment will be and look as clean as possible. All in all, professional commercial cleaning companies can take over the management and control of all aspects of hygiene and cleanliness from their clients, reducing the hassle and unnecessary stress involved, and allowing them to focus on the functioning of their business. Companies such as Ankars Commercial Cleaning Port Melbourne are very professional in their work and provide consistent high-quality cleaning services, often going far beyond the services of other commercial cleaning companies, all to ensure your office area is as clean as can be.


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30. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan


Why is it important to clean during spring?

When it is wet and generally horrible outside much like the typical Melbourne weather we so often endure until we enjoy some sunshine in November, we tend to spend more time indoors. This means that our indoor environment has been more exposed to dirt and dust accumulated from our clothes, shoes and general presence. Dust can be detrimental to our health by reducing air quality and creating a greater risk for allergens to be inhaled and hence enter our body. Therefore it is important to regularly clean and organise your office space during this time of year.



With more time spent indoors, there is likely to be more dirt spread through the office and more people eating lunch and snacks inside, leaving crumbs all over the floors. So keeping the carpets clean and maintained during these periods is important.

Regular vacuuming is an easy way to ensure all the dust mites and allergens do not settle into the carpet where it can remain for months. When dust settles into the carpet, the air quality of your office space can change, and not for the better. Increased dust and grime in the area or in the floor can release more allergens into the air and can ultimately bring upon the onset of illness within staff through inhalation. This can lead to more staff members becoming sick and requesting days off which in turn decreases productivity within your business. This, however, can be easily avoided through regular vacuuming and cleaning.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to get a professional carpet cleaner to provide a more efficient clean of your floors. In most cases this can be the best method as a team of workers know what is required and will get the job done efficiently. These services can leave your carpets much cleaner and fresher than a normal vacuum will, and hence will increase the overall air quality and health of staff in your office.



Floors experience the same conditions as carpets do during the spring time. With a lot of rain and wet weather conditions, there is likely to be a lot of mud making its way into your work place and onto the floors. This is on top of all the dust that had already accumulated onto the ground of your office. The best, cost effective way of keeping your office floors clean is simply to mop with an eco friendly polish or detergent. This rids all signs of mud, grime and dust on your floors, keeping them clean and presentable. Cleaning companies have the best equipment when it comes to floors, and are sure to keep them spotless and shiny all year round.



In Spring, windows can often be neglected. Windows collect the most grime the easiest. This is because of the fact that outside conditions can hit them directly. It is important not to forget to clean the windows as they allow for sunlight to enter into your office. This not only brightens your work space but can also generate heat into your office and ultimately reduce your reliance on heating systems, therefore reducing power bills. If left ignored, windows are more prone to deterioration and are likely to degrade quickly over time if they are exposed to dirt and grime. So in order to increase the lifespan of your office windows, ensure they are cleaned regularly through out the year, but especially during spring as rain and dirt are more evident during this time.



This may seem like a lot of cleaning, but it essential for the health of all people within your office space. Let the Office Cleaners Service take care of your business with professional cleaning services. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning services can not only provide thorough and intensive cleaning services to all areas of your office; including carpets, floors and windows, but will also make your office look more presentable and inviting. Ankars Cleaning is a team of professional commercial cleaners who utilise eco friendly cleaning products that don’t decrease air quality to ensure your office space is not only clean but is also a safe working environment for all.


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3. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan

The Importance of a Clean Kitchen

Whether catering is your business or you simply have access to staff kitchen facilities as part of your business, it is always important to keep this area as clean as possible. Maintaining a clean kitchen environment is not only imperative as a legal requirement but also for staff safety and presentation for clients or business partners who visit your work space. Although it may seem as a minimal aspect of your business to place focus into the cleanliness of your lunch space, failure to do so could tarnish your business reputation as well as staff productivity and positivity within the workplace.


Positive Reputation

When in a popular business industry, word-of-mouth and positive recommendations, are crucial qualities for business development and perhaps one of the best ways for a businesses to grow and spread throughout all areas of large cities. People have external connections; whether that be social groups and friends or large corporal industries, individuals will always share their experiences with certain businesses to others.

It is obvious that people are more likely to be impressed by the way in which companies pride themselves on tidiness and presentation.

In the catering business, it is crucial to have clean facilities within the kitchen to prevent any case of illness spreading through the food that was prepared in such an environment. Within corporate businesses, it is also good to have a clean kitchen space in the case of any external clients or business representatives that may visit and inspect your office area. Commercial cleaning provides an impeccably tidy area that is likely to impress business people more so than a space that is covered with dirty dishes, rusted equipment, and old food. This described work space displays qualities of laziness and ignorance that could be related to and argued against the work ethic of your business to anyone who visits your office.


Health and Safety.

The health and safety of all staff members is and should be one of the most important focus points within any business. Commercial businesses are required to provide a work area that is safe for all. By ignoring the state of kitchen facilities, staff are at risk of injuring themselves or becoming ill due to the condition of the area. Liquid spillages and broken compartments can easily cause injury if unattended to. Old food that has been left in used crockery and on benches can overtime accumulate the amount of bacteria in all facilities. This then makes the use of toasters, sandwich presses, fridges and kettles unsafe for all users. If staff are oblivious to the state of the kitchen facilities, they run the risk of developing bacterial illness such as food poisoning, diarrhoea, pneumonia, skin infections and gastroenteritis. This in turn can result in complaints from staff as well as decreased production within the work place.

Health inspectors can visit more than once in any year, so maintaining impeccable standards at all times, you will be instilling good practices. By hiring cleaning office services you can further promote the tidiness and professionalism of your business.


Correct Equipment

Commercial cleaning services use only the best cleaning products known to them to ensure all areas of your work space are completely sanitary and safe to be used. It is also a good incentive to purchase similar cleaning products to keep in your kitchen space to not only encourage workers to clean up after themselves but also to ensure facilities are kept in a hygienic standard. This will help to prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep your area safe for all staff. It will also allow the area to look presentable to all clients and visitors. It is worth providing appropriate cleaning products not only to ensure food can be prepared in a clean and safe environment, but also to encourage good cleaning habits within the office space.


By committing to a cleaning service that provides thorough and intensive services to all areas of your business space ensure that the aspects of presentation and hygiene are maintained. With professional commercial cleaning services you can take comfort in knowing your kitchen area does not harbour harmful bacteria and is safe for all staff to use.

3. November 2016| by Angela Kirwan

Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

One key to improving our overall health that few people are aware of is by increasing our green cleaning habits. Green cleaning is cleaning with the use of environmentally friendly products that have less toxins and harmful chemicals than regular cleaning products.

There are many benefits for using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Many people acknowledge the importance of green cleaning and want to incorporate green products into their lives for the health benefits, but find themselves lacking the inclination to change routine. For the health of all individuals, families and work spaces, selecting and using environmentally friendly cleaning products is important, especially for providing a safe environment and keeping a healthy earth.

Indoor air levels carry many pollutants that we are so unaware of, and in many cases, the level of pollutants are higher than that of outdoor levels. This problem is encouraged through cleaning with high volume chemical substances that hang around in the area for days after cleaning. As the average human tends to spend 90% of their life indoors, this is of high concern to the health of all individuals who inhale such toxic air.

Healthier home and work area
Our homes and work areas is where we spend most of our time, so it is important to be aware of the environment in which you live and breathe every day. Green cleaning negates the amount of chemicals and toxins released into the air, generally as the product is non organic. It is also non-corrosive, meaning that these products are very unlikely to pose a risk of burns to the skin. This ultimately reduces the amount of pollutants released into the air and available to be inhaled. This in turn stops the inhalation and absorption of such substances into the body. With this, individuals are less likely to obtain chronic illnesses such as asthma which are exacerbated by such substances.

Purer Environment
Non environmentally friendly products are generally not recyclable nor biodegradable which adds to our overall landfill and waste. Switching to green products and methods of cleaning helps reduce pollution both in the air and in waterways. This therefore assists to minimise ozone depletion impact and global climate change. Environmentally friendly products are also often made from recyclable materials, making them easier to biodegrade and hence minimises waste.

Furniture life

Overtime we clean our office and office furniture, cleaning products containing harsh non eco friendly substances are deteriorating and wearing out the quality and life of our floors, countertops and furnishings. By using environmentally friendly products, the lifespan of household furniture is increased by reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals that can erode over time. This saves you both stress and money that would be associated with new furniture.

When looking for green cleaners, it is important to note that each product is nontoxic, biobased, recyclable, biodegradable and contains no volatile organic compounds. All these factors contribute to a healthier life for either your home or work space, and is sure to have a greater impact on environmental sustainability. Green cleaning, if utilised, is sure to protect your family against severe illnesses, improve your cleaning efficiency and work towards protecting our planet from non environmentally friendly products.


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